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I’m Radha Rajagopalan, owner and author of Magical Ingredients.  I am PR friendly and would love to work with your company!  You can contact me at

Ways We Can Work Together:
Giveaways and Product Reviews 
If you have a product you want to share with me, please contact me. I am open to discuss giveaways and reviews. I am happy to do product reviews as long as the product corresponds to the theme of my site (the product pertains to food or the kitchen items).  If you mail me a product, I’m more than happy to write an honest review. I will gladly accept food/produce, beverages, cookbooks, and kitchen utensils/bake ware/tools/cookware/electronics etc.
All product reviews will be shared on all of my social channels. If available, I will tag your company and include a photo of the product. I will only review and share product if I like and that I think my readers will like it. If the product doesn't meet my review criteria, I will inform that to you only, and will not share any negative review.

All product reviews and giveaways will abide by current FTC guidelines, and I do not do reviews for the sole purpose of exposure for the company. If you haven’t seen your product in the list above, but you think it would be a good fit, just shoot me an email with the product details, and I’ll let you know if your product is an appropriate fit for this blog.

Recipe Development
I love to create recipes! If you are looking for creative and easy recipe development please contact me. I also do recipe development upon request. If your company would like me to create a unique recipe that represents your brand/product, please contact me at to discuss development fees and details.

Brand/Product Ambassador 
I am open to opportunities to share and be the face of your product. I am active on social media, and your product would be shared with my following. Long term partnerships are preferred, but I am open to all options.

Sponsored Posts
I love working with brands that bring quality products to my readers. Please contact me to discuss rates and how we can share your products together. Sponsored posts are a great way to gain exposure and brand recognition. If your company would like to work with me to generate a personalized sponsored post, please email me at to discuss sponsorship fees and details. My only requirement is that I would like to try the product that I am promoting. I would be sharing them in social media.

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