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All about me and why this blog came to existence.....

Hello Everyone! I am Radha, an enthusiastic learner, mom for 2 lovely kids, wife and blogger (the architect behind this blog too). This is my tiny space in the net to share all my views, ideas and the outcomes of all the experiments in my lab aka "KITCHEN".

To me life is journey where you learn a lot and meet lot of lovely people who give you lots of inspiration and motivation. I appreciate you greatly for stopping by and for being a great fellow traveler in my journey. I would be very happy to have a nice cup masala tea and chat with you. Here in this blog you will find even more than that.

I started this blog few years back but didn't post anything actively........ didn't devote my time here as I had a hectic schedule with my family. Finally now, I decided to stop the procrastination and head on with my passion...somehow squeezed my time to do my favorite things! In this blog I share all the things that I love to do - cooking, baking....all those that help me learn new things everyday and make me very very happy! The smile I see in my kids face when taste the food and say "great mom, I like it, I love it......" keeps me going and I put on more effort. I have a simple policy, add little of sugar, dash of pepper, little of spice but loads of love! - that's how I do when I cook!

I love to cook. I did start helping my mom in the kitchen from my 7th grade. All I learnt is the traditional South-Indian Iyengar cuisine. After I got married and moved to US, I tasted and tried many foods from different cuisines and started my own experiments with food. I love baking eggless goodies and decorating cakes. I am now baking for the past 4 to 5 years and love to make breads. 

Food is always comforting and helps you bond much better with family and friends. Whenever any of my friend drops in, it immediately gives me extra boost to make something new for them, as they feel much better and comforting. A couple of my friends have told me that coming to my home is like coming to MOM's place. Those words really take me beyond limits and I too enjoy my time in my friends place. My friends and their kids are really important as they kept me encouraging and supporting with all my new trials. They always call me as "Always ready for any kind of project and creativity".......and that could be true as I look up on my life as "everyday is an opportunity to learn something as we travel through our life journey".

I am a staunch believer of the fact "eat healthy, nutritious food and working out to keep you in good health". You can call me as health freak. I try to make healthier versions and try to use whole grains, lots green veggies and fruits. But it doesn't rule out that I don't use sugar or butter. I try to moderate everything I use. Sometimes, I live eating the traditional food, in the traditional way.

I have my own blog because I love to share with everyone. It may be useful to my kids too in the future.

The recipes that I post here are the ones that I learned from my mom, some from my friends, a few from couple of cookbooks, magazines and some tried from other blogs. All the recipes posted here are well tried ones, approved by my family members and I make these often too. When you browse here, you might find recipes that are indian as well as many other cuisines. I used to compare many cuisines and used think of the analogies of those with our Indian food. I sometimes indianize the recipe. I use standard measuring cups and spoons for measuring ingredients in all the recipes.

Coming to photography.....I am the novice photographer learning with all the adjustments. I use Nikon DSLR and sometimes my ipod, or iphone too.

Update Jan 2022: For over a year, my daughter, SN, has been helping with capturing the yummy foods! I love learning and always welcome every path of learning. New ideas from younger generation helps us learn better to go to the future. Don't you agree? Her ideas and angles of clicking helps me learn better. A great thanks to her for doing this while she is at the busiest time of her life!

I also write in two other blogs. Please check out those too.  With all these, I feel that my hands are quite full with family commitments, raising my lovely kids, but this does gives me unlimited enthusiasm.

Try my recipe, let your flavors entertain you and your family but make sure you leave a comment for me to cherish your visit.  This will help me come up with new ones as well as better ones too.

Thank you!

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  1. Just found your blog! I really enjoy what you are doing here! Thanks for sharing!