Thursday, March 9, 2023

Malfouf Salad

This is a simple and easy vegan salad to make with just a few ingredients. This is a great and flavorful salad that is perfect to serve as a side for special occasions as well as any day. 

Malfouf is Lebanese cabbage rolls and this salad is derived from it. While there are many salads to make, this is special because:

  • It can be fixed in a very short time
  • Bold and delicious flavors
  • Simple and easily available ingredients
  • Healthy side
  • This is easy to make for a crowd too.
  • Cabbage is a spring veggie and making this salad also helps save money. This is budget friendly when you plan for a gathering too.

This simple salad requires:

Cabbage - star ingredient of the recipe. Thinly shredded cabbage works perfectly. Pre packaged coleslaw can also be used.

Salt - adds flavor 

Pepper - gives a spicy kick

Lemon - gives the flavor kick to this salad. About 3-4 tbsp works great to give bold flavors.

Olive oil - olive oil is one of my preferred choices to use. Any neutral flavored oil can be used. 

Mint - I have used fresh mint. Do not skimp on this. Dried mint can also be used. Swap with parsley or dill, or use a mixture of herbs.

Garlic, scallion - Adds flavor.

While exploring different foods, especially vegetarian, I found that some of the Lebanese recipes like the tomato bulgur, maghmour are close to our kind of everyday food, and still I have many more to try from this cuisine. There are variations to this simple slaw with the addition of a medley of herbs, or I found even a couple of recipes with chopped tomatoes. Zataar too can be added.  This simple salad is simply amazing just like my mom’s Carrot Slaw, a simple, yet tasty salad.

How long does it take to make this salad?

Honestly this salad takes just 10 minutes to make. It is even less if you use a pre shredded coleslaw. Chop the herbs, add salt, lemon juice, oil, pepper, and mix. It is that simple.

What variations can be made?

Mint gives a refreshing flavor to any food, and this salad is no exception as mint uplifts the flavors of this simple and crunchy salad. For a flavor variation, swap your favorite herbs to make your own cabbage salad. I make it with cilantro and mint together as the herbs more often. This mint alone version is SO good just like with any other herbs. 

How to serve this salad?

This flavor packed salad is great to make a healthy as well as tasty lunch, or a side  for any meal. But this is great on your tacos or burgers too. Since we make Indian fusion tacos or burgers  with cilantro mint chutney, the flavors of this slaw is perfect in those recipes. 

I love salads and if you are like me, a salad lover, check the simple and tasty salads from the blog that you too would love. Just like this cabbage salad, Sudanese Beetroot Salata, Vegan Jicama Gochugaru Coleslaw, Raw Mango Jicama Carrot Salad, and my mom’s Carrot Slaw are just amazing and super easy to make.

Salads are not just sides, they can be a balanced meal too. These Rainbow Salad With Tandoori Dressing, Pearl Couscous Salad, Sorghum Salad, Dal Sprouts Salad, Greek Style Millet Salad Lettuce Boats, and Pasta Veggie Salad With Peanut Sauce make a scrumptious and healthy meal. This Layered Garbanzo Beans and Paneer Salad is great for parties too.

Every season has a special to make with seasonal produce. Depending on your region for the availability of fresh produce, try these Spinach Strawberry Salad, Pear Persimmon Pomegranate SaladStrawberry Poppy Seed Salad for healthy meal options.

The best part of being a foodie is traveling virtually across the boundaries and trying new cuisines. And that too with fellow foodies is simply the best. We travel to different countries in our #eattheworld challenge group exploring the food and culture of a chosen country for the month. This month we traveled to Lebanon and this easy salad is my share for the same. Lebanese cuisine explodes with flavor with a blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. Check out all the wonderful Lebanese dishes prepared by fellow Eat the World members and share with #eattheworld. Find out how to join Eat the World here and have fun exploring a country a month in the kitchen with us!

If you love Mediterranean flavors, here are some delicious Mediterranean recipes from the blog.


Baba Ganoush




Curried Eggplant and Chickpea Fatteh


Serves 2-4

Cabbage - 5 cups, thin shreds

Lemon juice - 3-4 tbsp

Mint - ½ cup, chopped

Green onion - 2 to 3, thily sliced

Garlic - 1 clove, minced

Oil - 4 tbsp

Salt - ¾ tsp

Black pepper - ½ tsp


Add the shredded cabbage, mint, scallions, and garlic to a bowl.

Add the salt, pepper, lemon juice, oil, and toss well.

Serve immediately.

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  1. Simple and interesting recipe for Malfouf (Cabbage) Salad. Thanks for sharing it at Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. I will make it, and see what happens if I use less oil (I watch my daily fat count). Have a beautiful weekend and be well.

  2. This salad turned out so good! It was the perfect side dish for our dinner!