Monday, October 3, 2022

Minatamis na Bao - Filipino Coconut Jam

This is the most delicious jam ever! Sweet and rich with yummy coconut, this Filipino coconut jam is the best one to spread on your toast, and you can feel that your entire day is going to be as amazing as this jam. 

This Filipino jam can be made with 2-4 ingredients namely coconut cream, Muscovado sugar, salt, and pandan leaves. A flavorful version of the jam can be made with just coconut cream and Muscovado sugar. This is different from the kaya jam from Malaysia, as the latter has eggs in it.

Let me tell you. This is great not only with bread but also with idli, Dosa, and everyday chapathi. Have you ever had nei-sarkarai (ghee-sugar mixture) as a side for idli or Dosa? That combo used to be one of my childhood favorites. This coconut jam is like the vegan version of the nei- sarkarai. 

If you are wondering what is Muscovado sugar, it is kind of partially refined sugar with high molasses content and hence a richer depth in flavor and color. It has a complex flavor with pronounced caramel and toffee notes. The color of the sugar is based on the quantity of molasses in it. It is not the same as brown sugar (molasses is added back to the refines sugar to make brown sugar). 

This recipe is an easy version using coconut cream. Fresh thick coconut milk (the first milk expressed  from coconut) is used to make the jam. When you have a time crunch and want a delicious coconut spread, this version using canned coconut cream works like a breeze with no compromise in taste.

We are sharing Jams and Jelly recipes in our Shhhh Secretly Cooking group. The theme was suggested by Preeti. I was given salt and muscovado sugar as the secret ingredients by my partner. In turn, I gave my partner, Archana of The Mad Scientist's Kitchen, apples and lemons as secret ingredients. She made this yummy Spicy Tomato Jam. If you are a blogger willing to participate in the events, check here.

Jam and jellies are great to serve with toast, chapathi, or poori. I am a big fan of jams and I love making them at home. This way the variety of fruits and sugar can be adjusted according to my needs. Mixed Fruit Jam is my favorite from childhood, and I also make jams with seasonal fruits like Plum Jam and Cranberry Jam


Coconut cream - 1, 14-oz can
Muscovado sugar - 1/2 cup
Salt - 1/8 tsp


Add the coconut cream and muscovado sugar to a non-stick pan and mix.

Gently heat over medium flame. Keep stirring now and then after it begins to boil and thicken.

Continue to cook for 23-24 mins until it reaches the jam consistency.

Remove from flame, cool, transfer to an airtight container. Serve with bread and store the remaining at room temperature.


  1. Radha I have tasted coconut jam made with palm dates in Bali. Your minatamis na bao is an interesting and tempting recipe. I have a weakness for anything made with coconut so am sure I will be trying out this recipe.

  2. I was searching for whole coconut or something in the recipe :-). A good recipe with just the coconut cream. Would this be equally good with tinned coconut cream?

  3. I have tasted versions of this around in The Philippines. The are absolutely divine, infact in some places they are a layer over tarts too. YOur post brought back some lovely memories.

  4. Minatamis na Bao Sounds irresistible. Such a delicious jam with minimal ingredients. I love recipes with coconut and this one will definitely try. I remember having this at Boracay few years back . Your post just made me nostalgic. - Preethi

  5. The Minatamais na Bao looks and sounds absolutely wonderful! Love the beautiful golden-brown colour the muscovado sugar has added to the jam! With the sugar and coconut cream going in, I'm sure it must have tasted fab.

  6. Coconut jam certainly sounds interesting..I am a huge fan of anything that has Coconut and this minatamis na bao will be a super recipe to try at home.

  7. Radha this coconut jam sounds so very yummy and so easy to make. Since coconut is one of our favourite ingredients I will make some of this yum jam.

  8. Lovely recipe of a jam with coconut in it. It must be so delicious, I will be making this one soon.

  9. Wow this is such an easy recipe with some patience added to it, and totally love how the end result looks like! Must try this... Looks so droolworthy...

  10. I have heard of the Kaya Jam from my friends in SG / KL. this coconut jam has my vote for sure Radha ! so good ! - Kalyani

  11. I love coconut cream in anything. Jam looks super tempting. A must try recipe. I would love to have it with crisp toast.

  12. I love coconut cream in anything. Jam looks super tempting. A must try recipe. I would love to have it with crisp toast.

  13. Minatamais na Bao sounds really delicious. Hubby and I love the combo of coconut and jaggery, with muscavado sugar ,the taste would be quite similar. It's a keeper. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. wah this looks and sounds absolutely wonderful ! such an easy recipe for sure