Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dried Fruits and Nuts Roll

This is a healthy, sugar-free, and nutrient packed dessert made with dried fruits and nuts. This is the ultimate dessert with the nuts and dried fruits giving the perfect chewy and crunchy textures. This is also a great snack as well as a sweet to make for festive occasions to share with friends and family. Yes, a great edible gift!

Now, if you ask me what is so special about these rolls, I would say everything! Khajur rolls are a popular sweets/dessert made during many occasions and this recipe is an extension of the same. These dried fruits and nuts rolls have not just dates alone, but figs, apricots, raisins, cranberries, cashews, almonds, pistachios, poppy seeds and walnuts. This recipe stands out from the Khajur Rolls because of the nuts to dried fruits ratio. This is a nutty, sweet, delicious roll!

Yes, there is every possible reason to make these rolls. The dried fruits give the perfect sweetness and they are a good source of iron, which is very essential for preventing anemia. Nuts provide vitamin E and omegas. There is no extra sugar added and these rolls make the most healthy dessert as well as anytime snack! 

This is also an easy and quick recipe. If you have toasted nuts, it takes about 5 minutes prep time and five minutes cooking time. That's another reason that this recipe is a winner and a keeper! Since the nuts are in higher proportion than general dates rolls, you need to take care to roll into a cylinder. Refrigeration is a must as it enables easier slicing. If you are looking for some easy desserts, then Meyer Lemon Cashew Fudge and Almond Ricotta Fudge are the perfect ones to make.

October is #NationalDessertMonth and I am hosting an event in our #FoodieExtravaganza group with desserts as the theme. Foodie Extravaganza is where we celebrate obscure food holidays by cooking and baking together with the same ingredient or theme each month. Posting day is always the first Wednesday of each month. If you are a blogger and would like to join our group and blog along with us, come join our Facebook page. We would love to have you! If you're a spectator looking for delicious tid-bits check out our Foodie Extravaganza Pinterest Board. Please check the links at the bottom of the post for more delicious dessert recipes we shared today.

Makes 36-40

Dates - 300g
Figs, dried - 100g
Apricots - 50g
Raisins - 50g
Dried cranberries - 50g
Almonds - 50g, toasted
Cashews - 50g, toasted
Walnuts - 50g, toasted
Pistachios - 50g, toasted
Poppy seeds - 2 tbsp, toasted
Ghee/coconut oil - 2 tsp


Pulse the dried fruits in the food processor for 1-2 minutes.

Heat ghee in a pan and added the pulsed dried fruits. Sauté for 2-3 minutes, until it becomes soft.

Add the nuts, half tablespoon of toasted poppy seeds, and mix well. Remove from the flame .

When it is warn enough to handle, divide into two portions, and transfer to a parchment paper. Roll into a cylinder of 2-3 inches diameter.

Roll the cylinders on poppy seeds.

Wrap and refrigerate for one to two hours. Remove from the fridge, slice into half inch thick slices.

Store in airtight containers until use.

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  1. Sort of a dessert sausage! So packed with nutrition too!

  2. These would be a great take along snack on hikes. Thanks for sharing and hosting Radha