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Sweet and Savory Pancake Board

This is the ultimate breakfast or brunch pancake board with sweet and savory pancakes to satisfy everyone's liking. As the same batter can be used to make waffles, add a couple of waffles to further brighten up the choices. This board has something for everyone according to their preferences - like grain-free, savory, sweet, childhood flavors! All the pancakes/waffles are eggless on this board. For vegan options, plant based milk or butter, or maple syrup can be used.

This board features the following pancakes/waffles:

Rose Mochi Pancakes

These are rose flavored soft and chewy eggless mini pancakes with a drizzle of rose cream and rose butter. This is a scrumptious breakfast that is aromatic and flavorful with a unique texture. 

Grain-free moong flour pancakes with orange and saffron flavors is a filling and nutritious pancake that keeps the hunger at bay for long. A drizzle of honey/maple syrup and figs, and of course some whipped are the best toppings.

Fruity pebbles pancake/waffles - Awaken the kid in you with these fruity pebbles pancakes. The cereal added to the pancake makes it tasty and addictive, making great memories. I made a couple of waffles with the same batter as the kids go nuts over this pancake/waffles. Fresh cream, more fruity pebbles, and fruits are great toppings. I made these pancakes in an emoji pan, it can be made in any pan.

Fresh whipped cream is always amazing to serve with pancakes. Cubed butter at room temperature is great to add onto the pancakes. A syrup, like maple syrup or any favorite syrup is a must to indulge. For the rose mochi pancake, a rose flavored cream is the perfect fit. Add a variety of fruits on the board for health, nutrition, and vibrancy. Colored fruits send an open invitation to anyone.

Coming to the last of the variety on this board are the savory garbanzo flour pancakes. This is perfect to add to the board as we may not have a sweet tooth everyday. A savory breakfast is also a most welcomed one here. These are also grain free and can be made into waffles too. We ended up making waffles and waffle bowls too, as it is easy to fill the bowl with lots of toppings and sauces. Bites of this pancake with protein filled paneer, curried hash, fresh kochumber, and sauce - this will make anyone dance!

Curried potato hash is an all-time hit and it is everyone's favorite. This can be added to the savory pancake, along with some pan-fried paneer and bell peppers, and kochumber. Cilantro-yogurt sauce is the perfect one to drizzle on the pancakes/waffles.

If you are looking for other pancake or waffles options, then these Apple Pie Pancakes, Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Boba Pancakes, and Coconut Pancakes/Waffles are great choices. Swap any pancake in the board for these, or make a bigger board including these varieties to entertain a huge crowd.

Tea, coffee, milk, or juice can also be included.

Breakfast boards make everything special! These boards can make the celebration of a special day easier, and also are also a great option when you have guests over, or during holidays. Entertaining is easier. Trust me, this South Indian Breakfast Board did entertain a gang easily. This is also FUN!

Did you know that September is #NationalBreakfastMonth? Breakfast is the special meal of the day and a board makes weekend breakfast special. With tons of options, everyone is easily satisfied. So, Christie is hosting an event in #ourfamilytable group, wherein we share breakfast boards and ideas. This is my share. We share Recipes From Our Dinner Table! Join our group and share your recipes, too! While you're at it, join our Pinterest board, too!

What do you need to make this board?

This board easily served 8. The scrumptious and delicious pancakes keep you satisfied for a long time. You'll need the following:


Moong orange pancakes - 4
Garbanzo flour pancakes/waffles - 4
Fruity Pebbles pancakes/waffles - 8

Toppings and sauces

Rose butter, Rose cream
Whipped cream
Honey/maple syrup
Cilantro-yogurt sauce
Curried Hash - 1cup
Paneer bell pepper fry - 1 cup
Kochumber - 1 cup
Fruity Pebbles cereal
Fresh fruits like sliced bananas, strawberry, mango, blueberries, figs etc.
Tea, coffee, milk, or juice

Flowers for garnish

How to arrange this board?

It is not too hard to make a board. Relax, it's not your final exam! Having fun is the most important.  Listen to your heart, and aesthetically arrange the food in the manner that pleases you the most.

I would suggest arranging the cream, butter, sauces, and toppings first. Check if you are satisfied, else move the cups and determine the spot to place them. It is a great idea to choose a platter that would fit the food that you intend to serve. Too big and too small boards would not work. Based on the quantity of the food, choose the right platter.

Place the pancakes/waffles with the right sauces for them closely as much as possible. 

Add the fruits in the spaces. Add a couple of flowers and herbs to make it inviting. Serve immediately. 

Breakfast Boards

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  1. Oh my goodness! There is so much flavor and goodness on that board! The rose pancakes sound divine! And that curried potato hash has my name written all over it!