Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Paneer Burji Potstickers

These are easy to make delicious potstickers with paneer burji filling. These vibrant colored, crispy and soft melt in the mouth dumplings taste SO YUM when served with chili garlic sauce! These are great meal by itself, and cal also be served as anappetizer.

Potstickers are everyone’s favorite. The filling, the wrapper, crispy and soft texture is a dynamite! This vegetarian paneer burji filling is made with paneer, a semi soft non melting Indian cheese. Paneer Burji is scrambled paneer that can be served as a side and can be used in grilled cheese too! It is made by sautéing onion, ginger, garlic, bell peppers along with fresh or shredded paneer with turmeric and garam masala. Thai chili and cayenne add heat to this paneer burji. The paneer Burji filling is so delicious and is also one of our favorites. This recipe uses three fourth of the Paneer Burji recipe.

This recipe is so easy to make. This recipe uses store bought wrappers. I found a dumpling wrapper in the market made with broccoli and spinach. This combination sounded yummy and wanted to use this right away. The flavors of the wrapper and the filling paired well and we loved this combination. Regular/plain wrapper also works great. In fact, the plain ones were the ones that often I use. This broccoli-spinach wrapper was yummy and gives a beautiful color to the finished potstickers. I would recommend it if you can find it in store or can make it at home. Spinach (palak in Hindi) and paneer make a delicious curry, palak paneer, and these potstickers give the same combination of flavors, just like in this Whole Wheat Spinach and Paneer Dumplings.

These potstickers are fusion potstickers. Paneer burji, a classic Indian side with Indian masala, is filled in the dumpling wrappers, pan-fried and steamed for the perfect potstickers. Pan frying the potstickers and then steaming gives the right texture. These are crispy and soft at the same time due to the above mentioned cooking process.  For best results, it is best not to overcrowd the pan when cooking the potstickers. 

These can be served with any sauce, but our favorite is the chili garlic sauce, Momos Chutney, I make when we have momos. The spicy, garlicky sauce is the perfect accompaniment to these potstickers. 

This month we have onions and cheese as our two ingredients in our #ImprovCookingChallenge group. With two suggested ingredients, we try to whip up recipes, keeping in mind that the suggested ingredients will be the star of the recipe. Juli hosts this month. The paneer burji filling in this potsticker uses both onions and paneer (a kind of cheese), and is the perfect recipe to share for the event. 

Makes 18

Dumpling wrappers - 18
Paneer Burji - 1 cup (Recipe here)
Oil - 2 tbsp


Follow the recipe for paneer burji, make it, and set aside.

Take each dumpling wrapper, add about a teaspoon of the filling. Apply water over half the edge of the wrapper. Fold in half, make pleats and stick the edges shaping them to a dumpling/potsticker. 

Heat a tablespoon oil  and place the dumplings all around the pan without covering. Pan fry them on one side alone for about 2-3 minutes. Add quarter cup of water, cover and steam for 4-5 minutes, or until all the water evaporates. The number of potstickers that can be cooked per batch depends on the pan size.

Lower the flame, remove the dumplings to a plate. Repeat with the next batch if there are more to be cooked.

Serve with chili garlic sauce.

 Improv Cooking Challenge - Cheese & Onions