Monday, September 19, 2022

26 Rasam Recipes

Rasam can be called as a traditional South Indian soup. It is part of a meal with rice, and traditionally, it is served as sambhar and before curd/yogurt, with an array of veggies. Rasam, instead of being served with rice, can be served as soup, a piping bowl or cup of rasam will give all the warmth and comfort!

Rasam has a special place in every South Indian's heart. From kids to adults, sick or in good health, it is loved by everyone. Mom's and grandmothers' usually mix rasam and rice with ghee and feed to young kids. The juicy and flavorful meal will fill the tummy happy and satiated. Especially, when sick, a cup of thin rasam (Jeeraga rasam) rice, will spring anyone back to health. This unparalleled flavor will linger with everyone who has tasted in that way, no denying that.

The uniqueness of the rasam is the simple blend of spices and a tamarind base. Pepper and cumin are the prominent spices, but coriander and red chilies are also used. Along with dal, rasam powders (will share the recipe soon) are made and the proportions vary from family to family.

A tasty concoction of spices in tamarind base, the rasam is very addictive. It would be hard not to want more of it. Instead of tamarind, lemon can also be used. Lemon rasam is also a traditional rasam. With any sour or tangy base, rasam can be made, like this version with cranberries

Rasam need not be strictly made with tamarind water, dal, and garnished with cilantro. Any tangy produce locally available, and herbs can be used to make delicious and comforting rasam. This round-up post is a compilation of the rasam recipes that you can make with many seasonal produce and herbs. Tempering for rasam uses ghee traditionally, I prefer to use oil sometimes. For a vegan version, use oil for the same.

This is a delicious and interesting rasam made with tart green apples! This is kind of spicy and spiced mulled apple cider! South Indian style! Yes, spicy and with lot of spices! This aromatic, delicious concoction is amazing to sip as such or serve with steaming rice or any other grain! This is vegan!

This is an easy and quick rasam with Indian and Italian flavors! This is vegan and is best served hot with steaming bowl of rice or any grain and  paired with cooked veggies! This will be the ultimate bowl of comfort and can be made in under 30 minutes. This can be had as a soup too!

This has the cauliflowers cooked to perfect crisp texture in a spicy tomato-tamarind broth with aromatic tempering and a garnish of cilantro. This can be served as a soup or with steaming rice or any choice of grain. This is vegan too!

This soupy dill rasam is rich in flavors and very comforting! A piping bowl of this can be had as such or with cooked grains. This rasam has the touch of flavors of Karnataka Cuisine, inspired by the sobasige saaru. For vegan options, use coconut oil instead of ghee for tempering. Here is another version of delicious Dill Rasam.

This is a rich and flavorful rasam made using sesame seeds and coconut. This is amazing to sip like a soup or mix with grains and curry to have like a hearty meal. Ghee is used traditionally for tempering/roasting spices, but this rasam tastes good when coconut or sesame oil is used too. This option makes this a vegan rasam. 

This delicious rasam is flavored with fennel bulbs and fennel seeds. The aroma and taste of this rasam will make you go for second helpings. This simple rasam rich in flavors will make a comforting meal along with a cooked grain and a curry. This can be had like a soup too! Use oil instead of ghee for tempering to make it vegan.

Gooseberry rasam is a delicious and lip-smacking rasam that is easy to prepare and loaded it with nutrients. This is best served with cooked grains and veggies but this simple broth can also be a great soup too!

This is a simple rasam with lovely herbs and has a nutty flavor from the hemp seeds. The herbs give a lovely aroma and flavor to this rasam. This is a vegan rasam. 

This is a very quick rasam  to make but very soothing and comforting, and has lovely garlicky flavor! This rasam doesn't require the traditional rasam spice powder. This can be made in about fifteen minutes.

This is a delicious rasam made with the mighty and tasty jamun fruit aka black plum. The jamun fruits along with freshly ground spices make this rasam the most delicious with perfectly balanced flavors. This is a vegan rasam using oil for tempering.

This is an easy and delicious rasam using kokum, a fruit. This rasam is a simple and comforting spiced up broth with kokum and the taste of this rasam is a great plus! This is also a vegan rasam and uses oil for tempering. This is my version of kokum rasam without jaggery and with a little pepper cumin powder.

Lemongrass rasam is a very refreshing and flavorful rasam . This can be served as a comforting soup as well as with cooked grains and veggies for an ultimate meal! 

Manga or raw mango rasam is a common South Indian spicy broth made with unripe mangoes! This vegan rasam is addictive and is a perfect one to make this mango season.

This is a traditional and quite a different kind of rasam made with dried neem flowers. This tasty rasam has medicinal values too and is a quick and easy one to make! 

This is a traditional rasam recipe, that is soothing for the throat as well as tummy. This rasam is made with omam (Tamil) aka ajwain (Hindi) or carom. This rasam is a perfect blend of tangy, spicy, and pungent flavors.

This rasam made with Persian sour plums taste lip smacking delicious, an easy one to prepare too but with top notch flavors. For a vegan rasam, use oil for tempering.

This is a very tasty spiced broth, aka rasam made with French quatre spices. The notes of the each and every spice, makes this a unique one. For a vegan rasam, do the tempering in oil instead of ghee.

R - Rhubarb Rasam

This is a tasty and lip smacking rasam  made with rhubarb, a spring vegetable. This is an easy to make rasam and is vegan too!

This is a delicious rasam  with a different flavor and protein profile than the regular rasam. Moong sprouts are used in this rasam adding flavor and texture to this rasam. This is easy to make and is vegan too! 

This is a delicious rasam  made with tomatillos and spices. This can be served as a broth to sip, or with cooked grains for a hearty meal with veggies on the side. For a vegan option, use oil for tempering the spices.

U - Ulavacharu/Horsegram Rasam

Ulavacharu is a distinctive and classic dish from the Andhra region made using the cooked horse gram water with a little tamarind and spice. This is a popular food too. This recipe is vegan and can be served with rice and a little cream on top, if preferred.

This is a delicious rasam with bold and spicy flavors, and with a good hint of vetrilai or betel leaves. This vegan rasam has health benefits and aids in gut health. The best way to serve this is with cooked rice along with veggies as a side.

This is a delicious rasam made with simple spices and wheatgrass. This flavorful rasam can be served with cooked grains along with veggies and papad.

This is a unique and delicious rasam made with one of a kind spice blend. This aromatic rasam is a pure comfort for sure when served with grains and can be sipped as a soup.

This is a bold, bright, and flavorful fusion rasam  made with yuzu kosho, yuzu juice, and miso in South Indian style. This vegan rasam is a perfect marriage of Japanese and Indian flavors.

This is a delicious, vegan,  and comforting rasam made with tomatoes and za'atar, a well known Mediterranean spice blend. 


  1. Perfect collection of hot steaming rasams for the colder months ahead… hats off to you for being so creative with flavors!

  2. I never knew unless I saw your posts that you could be extremely creative with rasam. What an amazing collection, and that too with flavors that are not even Indian... totally love it...