Friday, June 24, 2022

Fried Cauliflower Feta Balls

These flavor packed feta and cauliflower balls are the best snack or appetizer. This could be a great addition to party menus. It is easy to make, with the crispy outside and cheesy center. This is an eggless recipe too!

This is anamazing way to sneak veggies. This is perfect for cauliflower lovers (and feta lovers) as well for those who don't. The grated texture blends well with the cheese and flour making this a great choice. Plus, the taste is phenomenal. Better than traditional three cheese feta balls. The added veggie adds to the nutritional value too.

I have used dried mint. Fresh mint can also be used, maybe about 2-3 tablespoons of fresh chopped mint would be perfect. Dill or parsley can also be used. The herbs balance the sharp feta flavor.

Feta is the star here and I would not recommend substituting feta with any other cheese. The taste profile may change completely. Now, all  feta cheese is not vegetarian. Vegetatio provides a list of brands that are vegetarian cheeses and you could use that as a guide when you shop. 

Grated cauliflower is used in this recipe. Cooked cauliflower may have some water and may require more flour to bind. This recipe uses minimum flour and more veggie ratio that is beneficial to all. The cauliflower cooks perfectly when deep fried.

This can be served as such, it is so flavorful that before you know, the plate would be empty. This can also be served with ketchup, Muhammara, Letenitsa, or Tzatziki too.

Did you know that June is National Dairy Month. Jolene is hosting an event and we share amazing dairy recipes across all categories you could imagine. This feta and cauliflower loaded appetizer/snack is my share for today and we are wrapping up this week long event. Earlier, I had shared Stem Ginger Cheesecake Icecream and Gochujang Paneer Bowl for the event. Check for delicious dairy recipes at the end of the post. 

Fried cheese (of any kind) balls is always a great appetizer for any occasion and it is also a great medium to add more veggies. Here are some cheese based fried appetizers that would fit great for any occasion.

Fried Spinach Artichoke Cheese Balls

Makes 10

Cauliflower - 1.5 cups, grated
Feta - 3/4 cup
All purpose flour -1/4 cup
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Chili flakes - 1 tsp
Cayenne - 1/4 tsp
Dried mint - 1 tbsp

For the crust

Aquafaba - 1/3 cup
All purpose flour - 1/3 cup


Add the grated cauliflower, feta, flour, salt, cayenne, chili flakes, and dried mint to a bowl and mix, knead to a ball.

Divide into ten equal portions.

Dip each ball in aquafaba then in flour and dip and repeat once more.

Heat oil over medium heat and deep fry the balls for about 4-5 minutes, until golden brown, flipping carefully.

Remove from the oil, drain, and set aside. Repeat with the remaining balls.

Serve warm with ketchup, tzatziki, or as such.

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