Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Mango Melon Pan

This is a delicious mango melon pan filled with mango cream. With a crispy mango cookie on top, soft mango flavored bun with a delicious mango filling, this is the paradise you want to escape to! Just Mangolicious!

The layers of mango flavors are totally addictive. It is very hard not to eat this. You'll be devouring this, if you are a mango lover! And a bread lover! When things go hand in hand, it is a beautiful resonance that sounds as the ultimate. You can feel that when you taste this! Let's see how to make these mango buns!

This recipe uses both canned mango pulp as well as fresh mango pulp. The sweetened canned mango puree is great for the bun dough as well as cookie dough as it also lends some sweetness to the finished bun in layers. For the filling, I prefer using a reduction of fresh mango puree. In that way, the amount of liquid used is less and helps with having a good consistency of cream filling. When the canned mango puree was used, even after reduction, the consistency was a little off (though I managed to roll it). The cream in the center moved to the sides. I prefer the filling staying in the middle of the bun when you bite into it. In the next trials, I reduced the fresh mango puree and used it and that gave better results. I recommend adding mangoes to the cream filling too. But if you prefer, you could leave it as a cream cheese filling. Mango jam can be used too. 

These buns also use tangzhong. This is a cooked mixture of milk, water, and flour. This lends a beautiful soft texture to the buns. I have used tangzhong in many recipes like this Tangzhong Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Matcha and Strawberry Cream Melon Pan or Espresso Chocolate Cream Buns. These soft rolls and breads are very delicious to have. I recommend storing the leftover mangolicious buns in the refrigerator as it has cream cheese filling and stays great for upto a week. Pop these into the oven to warm and then serve. 

The crunchy cookie on top is a heaven to bite into. Then comes the soft mango flavored bun and the mango cream cheese filling. Describing this makes me crave for this! I am such a mango addict that I jump right into as many mango recipes as possible, in addition to eating it as such or enjoying it raw as such, or like in this Instant Pickle. Mango in any form is heaven to me! To you too! I can understand that! A bowl of yogurt rice with any form of mango pickle or just ripe mangoes is the most satisfying, memorable, and tasty meal from childhood to today. There are millions resonating the same. 

I love love love mangoes in any form. Be it a lassi, icecream, Kulfi, or a smoothie, Mango Baked Oats, or mango lassi muffin, mangoes are very tasty! Whip the mango lassi into a smoothie bowl for a tasty breakfast. In fact the love for mango will make you crave for this monster mango falooda! A rasam with unripe mangoes tastes yum! Raw Mango Poha is a comforting meal, it can be made with rice or any other grain too! Mango and ginger pair well and this no bake Stem Ginger Mango Cheesecake Parfait is one of our house favorites! The list of how we enjoy mangoes is endless! Really! Check the blog for more mango recipes! That's why when Mayuri suggested Mango Mania as the theme for our Shhhh Cooking Secretly group, I decided that I got to share this. This bun has three layers of mango flavoring. Doesn't it fit the theme?

Coming to the Shhh Cooking Secretly group! We are a group of like minded bloggers, who by the way love food and cooking, pair up within ourselves. We take turns suggesting the themes each month. When the theme comes out, between the paired bloggers, we suggest two secret ingredients to each other which remain secret to the rest of the group and these ingredients must be used in the recipe. We make delicious food with those and post a picture in the group for the rest of the group to guess the secret ingredients. It is totally fun. My partner for this mango theme is PriyaI gave her salt and curry leaves as secret ingredients. She made a sambhar with ripe mangoes. I have tasted this sambhar in my childhood and that is divine! I am making a note to try this in the near future. In turn she gave me flour and butter and I made these mango buns!

Filled buns are amazing for breakfast, breakfast on the go, or brunch. I love making filled buns as they give flavor satisfaction while adding some proteins and calcium with the addition of cream cheese. Plus, these are loved by kids! So we make variations of it like this Matcha and Strawberry Cream Melon Pan or Espresso Chocolate Cream Buns. Totally addictive buns!

Makes 9 buns

For the Tangzhong

all purpose flour - 5 tsp
Milk - 1/6 cup
Water - 1/6 cup

For the Buns

Bread flour - 2.5 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Active dry yeast - 1.5 tsp
Milk - 1/4 cup
Sweetened mango pulp - 1/2 cup
Milk powder - 1/2 cup
Aquafaba - 3 tbsp
Butter - 4 tbsp, melted

Cream Cheese Filling

Mango pulp - 2/3 cup, pureed
Milk powder - 7 tbsp
Cream cheese - 8-oz, room temperature

Cookie Topping

All-purpose flour - 1cup
Butter - 5 tbsp
Milk powder - 4 tbsp
Mango puree - 1/4 cup, canned
Powdered sugar - 4 tbsp


For the tangzhong: Mix the flour, milk, and water to a smooth consistency without lumps. Cook over a medium flame for a few minutes stirring continuously until it is cooked and comes together.

Activate the yeast if you are using active dry yeast. Add all the ingredients listed under "for buns" into the bread machine and set it in dough cycle. Let it rise for an hour. This can be done manually too.

When the dough proves, reduce the fresh mango puree to quarter cup. Set aside to cool.

Add this to the cream cheese and milk powder in a bowl and combine well. 

Make the cookie dough by beating the butter, powdered sugar, and mango puree. Add the flour, make a cookie dough, wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour.

When the dough has doubled in size, punch, knead, and chaffe the dough. Divide into nine equal portions and shape into balls. Cover to prevent from drying.

Take each portion and roll into a circle about 6-7 in diameter. Place about two tablespoons of filling, gather the ends, close sealing the edges and shape into a ball. Place in a parchment lined baking tray. Repeat with all the dough portions.

Slice the cookie dough into nine equal portions. Roll into circle disc slightly larger than the buns. Place them on top of the buns covering all the way through except the bottom. Repeat with the rest of cookie slices and add to the buns.

Score the cookie dough such that it looks like a pineapple or a melon. Cover and let it rise for 30 minutes. In the meantime, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Bake at 375 degrees F for 16 minutes. Remove from the oven, cool, and serve.


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