Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tears of the Moon/Pink Pitaya Coconut Cooler

This is a refreshing and nourishing drink made with coconut water, pink pitaya with a splash of coconut milk. This nourishing drink is guaranteed to quench your thirst.

Pitaya or pitayah or dragon fruit is a tropical fruit with vibrant red or yellow skin with a seed speckled, sweet flesh. The flesh is either pink or white depending on the variety. This fruit is rich in fiber, magnesium, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. I have tasted both pink and white flesh pitaya and they were sweeter. They are amazing to snack as such. I often buy a bag of frozen chunks of pink piatya to make smoothies as I love its vibrant color!

This recipe uses frozen pink pitaya and coconut water and coconut milk is drizzled on top. There is no sweetener added but if needed you may add a couple of teaspoons of sugar. 

This is very easy to make and just five minutes to make this. Add everything to the blender and blend! That's simple. When you pour in glasses, add some ice cubes or crushed ice extra according to preference to beat the heat. Add one to two teaspoons of coconut milk to each serving.

There is another way to make this too! Add the ice as well as coconut milk to the blender, and serve, we love it that way too. The flavors are the same in both ways and it can be guaranteed that you'll make it often. 

In our Movies & Munchies group, this month's movie is The Jungle Cruise and Kelly is hosting this month. In this group, we watch a movie per month and we share food recipes inspired by the movie in our blog or Instagram. All you have to do is watch this movie with foodie glasses on! Make something from the movie or inspired by the movie. That's so much fun!

The Jungle Cruise is a live action Disney movie. This is a wonderful movie that our family enjoyed. Lily is on her quest to find the Tears of the Moon tree in the Amazon. The flower petals of this tree  have the magical power of giving long life and ward off any curses. That's why many people were behind the tree. The Germans were also behind the same. She meets Frank in the Amazon who protects her from the Germans as well as other dangers on the way. Make a bag of popcorn and enjoy this movie! A good watch that I would recommend.

Now, with the foodie glasses on, there were not many options. Frank orders a steak, coffee, and on the way Frank and Lily catch a fish, cook and eat that. The tears of the Moon tree flowers caught my eye. I wanted to make something in the color of beautiful pink flower petals. Somehow, those petals and the color of them looked magical to me. I decided to make a drink that is pink colored. When I tried the frozen pink pitaya and coconut water drink, we kind of loved it. Just added a little drizzle of coconut milk to make a gradient color, but didn't want to add too much of it as we loved this flavor. 

For this week's Blogging Marathon I am sharing Summer Coolers. We share recipes three days a week for four weeks. This pink pitaya drink is made with coconut water, pink pitaya aka pink dragon fruit with a little coconut milk and is a perfect thirst quencher. This is a perfect one for the theme. I have already shared Mango Pear Ginger and Carrot Smoothie and Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt for the same theme. 

If you are looking for some great thirst quenching summer drinks, you are in the perfect place. Here are a few delicious family friendly drinks for you to try.

Makes 3-4 servings

Pink pitaya - 1 cup, frozen chunks
Coconut water - 3 cups
Coconut milk - 4 to 6 tsp
Ice cubes -1 cup


Add the frozen pitaya, coconut water and blend. 

Add ice cubes to glasses and pour the pitaya coconut water mix. Drizzle a little coconut milk.

Serve immediately.


  1. OH my the colour is excellent!..the drink sounds so refreshing!..

  2. Beautiful , vibrant colour ! The drink looks very attractive and refreshing . The combo is unique.

  3. Your inspiration from the movie is great and I love the beautiful bright color of this drink. Thank you for joining.

  4. Great choice and I love the color you acheived with that smoothie.

  5. That is a brilliant color! And I bet delicious to boot.

  6. The color is excellent. I need to now look for frozen pitaya here. Will check it out. Great share Radha.

  7. unique and exotic ingredients for a vibrant and colorful beverage.