Sunday, April 17, 2022

Mango Pear Ginger and Carrot Smoothie

This is the ultimate smoothie perfect for a meal or for a snack made with all natural ingredients without the addition of any sweetener. This is sweetened naturally with mangoes, pears, and carrots. The hint of ginger in this smoothie gives a kick!

I received samples in the process of developing recipes and the opinions that are expressed in this post are my own. I used Melissa's Produce mangoes, carrots, and Asian pears in this recipe. The carrots and the fruits were very sweet and this smoothie is all natural. Naturally Sweet!

This recipe is packed with nutrients. This is loaded with all the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and carrot also boosts with the carotene content. The combination of the fruits and veggies in this smoothie not only is perfect in flavor, but also lends an amazing color and creaminess to this smoothie.

This doesn't take too long to prepare. All you need is five minutes to prep the fruits and veggies. Once it is ready, just blend and serve. This is so easy, even kids can make!

This recipe was inspired by the movie "Off The Menu". In our Movies and Munchies Group, we watch a movie and share recipes from the movie or inspired by the movie. This movie was our last month's movie. I made two recipes but couldn't share them because of the time crunch! I made this Stuffed Anaheim Peppers, my version, after watching Javiera make her signature stuffed peppers. Javiera, the talented chef made this mango, pear, ginger, and carrot smoothie that immediately went into my radar and made this smoothie. Though I couldn't share the recipe at that time, this is a perfect chance to share the same. We enjoyed this and would recommend this nutrition loaded smoothie to anyone!

Summer means one thing: heat, and that means wanting cool and refreshing drinks or meals, or no-cook meals! Nourishing smoothies and smoothie bowls fit in both the categories.  We love smoothies in our family, that everyday there is a smoothie made. In summer, it would be more. Here are some ideas for you to check and try.

As much as we love smoothie bowls, love refreshing drinks too! Mango addiction is well known and a drink is always enjoyed with this fruit. Mango Lassi as well as Mango Melon Mint Cooler are great mango based ones that are lip-smacking, delicious and soothing for the heat, loaded with mangoes. This Watermelon Refresher as well as Jamun and Coconut Water Cooler from the blog are perfect and refreshing drinks that I would recommend. This smoothie is a very delicious one that I chose to share for this week's Blogging Marathon. 

Makes 3 to 4 serving

Mangoes - 3 cups, cubed
Asian pear - 1 cup, cubed
Ginger - 1/2-in piece
Carrots - 1 cup, sliced
Ice cubes - 1 cup


Add everything to the blender and blend to a smooth consistency.

Pour into glasses and serve immediately.


  1. This looks amazing! Stopping by from Share the Wealth link party!

  2. an intersting medley of fruits and veggies to make a great smoothie, there

  3. Wow so many healthy ingredients together!..the colour looks so good Radha...

  4. Can't say no this glass of goodness. So yum and love this concept of trying recipes from movies. Long back I used to try similar recipes from Tamil novels like Ponniyin selvan but stopped. Recently started digging ancient Tamil books especially sangam period for recipes. Let's see. :-)

  5. Love the glass of colorful smoothie. Can never say no to mango based ones!