Monday, April 11, 2022

Mango Melon Mint Cooler

This is the ultimate and delicious thirst quencher that is made with naturally cooling produce and with no added sugar at all. This refreshing drink is made with mangoes, melon, coconut water, and refreshing mint! The refreshing notes of mint followed by melon and mango would naturally make you say "YUM"!

Mango is the amazing one of all fruits though the  trio mango, jackfruit, and banana (commonly called Mukkani) sound divine too. I love all veggies and fruits, the one thing very hard for me to say is how much mango is enough? Being an avid lover of all varieties of mangoes, this is considerably the hardest question to answer. Harder than writing your research thesis! Have you ever felt this?

In the season, I love to buy this amazing fruit often. The varieties we get are not the ones that we grew up with. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, the grocers get shipment from India and we get Banganapalli, Rasalu, Alphonso..mmm YUM! The names now make me crave for those. For the past two years we didn't get any of these varieties here. Hopeful to see at least this year.

This recipe used coconut water in tetrapak. Nowadays we get the tender coconut in some stores and sometimes. When I do not find the fresh ones, I have these packed ones and they are amazing too.  If you get plenty of fresh tender coconut water, use that. I love the fresh coconut water. Remember those days where we go to the vendor and he slices the fresh ones. I used to enjoy the pulp of the tender coconut too. We used to ask for the red variety of coconuts as we found it sweeter. Nostalgia. Now I am trying to be happy with the tetrapaks, but whenever I visit my homeland, I just indulge in this tender coconut as much as possible. 

Cantaloupe is used in this recipe, any melon of your choice or what is available can be used. Same for mango too. Fresh mangoes give better taste than canned ones and canned ones have sugar too. This recipe doesn't use sugar at all, the sweetness of the fruits is amazing and perfect.

Mango for me is very divine. And is a favorite from childhood that never changed. That's a reason why whenever Srivalli hosts a mango theme for the Blogging Marathon, I dive in straight. Just couldn't resist at all. Yesterday I shared Instant Mango Pickle with unripe mangoes and today's share is this amazing summer drink with ripe mangoes. Since this is a three day marathon, check for yet another magnificent mango recipe from this blog!

We love no cook recipes and this is filled with nourishment. This uses the summer bounty. Mango is in peak season. Melon and coconut water helps to beat the heat and mint adds to the refreshing taste. I decided to share this drink when Kalyani suggested using "Naturally Cool" ingredients as the theme in our Foodie Monday Blog Hop. But we should refrain from curd or buttermilk, and love this theme. Summer, though it is hot, has a variety of produce that aids us tolerate the heat and stay cool. I love this Buttermilk as well as this Vazhaithandu Mor which are frequent ones in our home.  Not to mention how many varieties of melons there are and love sucking the juicy watermelon. Just divine like this Watermelon Refresher! This is just exciting to make something for a fun theme along with fellow bloggers, enjoy with your family. Check here if you would love to join us!

We need tons of refreshing and nourishing drinks during summer. Very Berry Lassi, Jamun and Coconut Water Cooler are amazing drinks that you can enjoy with friends and family just like this Watermelon Refresher. I am linking this to What's For Dinner, Share The Wealth, and Happiness is Homemade.

Serves 4

Mango - 1 cup, peeled, cubed
Cantaloupe/melon - 2 cups, cubed
Ice cubes - 1 cup
Coconut water - 2 cups
Mint - 4 leaves


Add everything to your blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into serving glasses and serve immediately.


  1. this surely looks and sounds refreshing ! the combo is unique esp with the addition of coconut water

  2. Mango melon mint cooler is so refreshing and a perfect thirst quencher for the summers. Can’t wait to enjoy this drink at home. Lovely colour Radha.

  3. Golden delight..unique combination of melon and mango sounds novel and interesting.

  4. What a lovely drink! Love how you have combined mint, melon, mango and coconut water here. Quite the thirst quencher this must have been. 😊

  5. So refreshing and flavorful drink. You have used both of my favorite fruits, mango and melon. Mango melon mint with coconut water sounds divine.

  6. This mango melon mint cooler is such a delightful refreshing Summer treat ! Love the use of coconut water.

  7. Very interesting use of coconut water in this thirst quencher. Perfect for the summer months.