Monday, April 18, 2022

Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt

This is delicious, tart, sweet frozen yogurt, a perfect dessert or snack to treat yourself when the temperature goes up, or for any day for a frozen treat lover! The creaminess of the Greek yogurt coupled with the blood orange juice and the aroma of the blood orange juice, it is SO amazing! 

I received samples and used them for developing recipes. The opinions expressed are my own. I received blood oranges from Melissa's Produce and Dixie Crystals pure cane sugar. In my opinion the blood oranges were the best and they had an amazing deep brown color. Excellent! The Dixie Crystals pure granulated cane sugar is great to use in any recipe from stovetop desserts to baked or frozen desserts!

If you are wondering what a blood range is, then, it is a citrus fruit very similar to oranges. The flesh color is close to blood or deep maroon in color and has a sweet tart flavor. These are available during December to April. The juice also has a deep maroon color and aids beautiful color to the food and the zest enhances the flavors and with a great aroma too! I have used these blood oranges to make Eggless Blood Orange mini Bundts with Pink Glaze and the taste of these cakes are simply out of this world!

Greek yogurt is a perfect choice to make frozen yogurt as it is more creamy. Homemade yogurt will have more whey content and the frozen yogurt may have crystals. Hanging the homemade yogurt in a cheesecloth to remove some whey may work. Greek yogurt is easily available in stores and an easy ingredient. In case you do not have this available, try the creamier yogurt or by filtering the whey and then mixing it with a little regular yogurt to get the creamier texture.

Both blood orange juice as well as the zest is used in this recipe. The boost of flavors would be perfect for any day to enjoy this frozen dessert. It is a good idea to let it sit for 10 minutes or so before scooping to enable easy scooping. One another tip to scoop perfectly is to dip the ice cream scooper in hot water first before scooping the ice cream or frozen yogurt. This should be done for every scoop. In case if you are serving to many guests then it is a great idea to have a bowl of water near to aid easy and quicker scooping of frozen treats.

This frozen dessert with all the nutrients from yogurt as well as blood oranges is a fabulous treat for summer. I am sharing Summer Cooler recipes for this week's Blogging Marathon. Musk Melon Icecream, No Churn White Peach Icecream, Mango Kulfi, and Mango Icecream, Thai Tea Icecream are a few frozen treats for summer from the blog.

 I love no cook recipes which can be a snack, meal, or dessert too. Strawberry Salsa and Tropical Salsa This Kochumber or this Quick Veggie salad are my go to recipes for summer salads just like this Orange and  Greens Salad. Wraps are sandwiches are also easy to make for a no cook meal. This Creamy Spicy Vegan Zucchini Slaw is great as a salad/snack as well as makes a tasty sandwich/wrap that we love. There are tons of no cook desserts that is easy to make for summer. No Churn White Peach Icecream, Mango Icecream and Stem Ginger Mango Cheesecake Parfait are great desserts for the whole family as well as for any gatherings. 

This is a no cook recipe. Yes, eggless too. During summer, we would prefer to make no cook recipes as the heat pushes you out of the kitchen. These are some ideas for no-cook recipes and when Poonam, who by the way has an amazing blog, announced the theme as "No-Cook Recipes" for this edition of Foodie Monday Blog Hop, I jumped right away to make a yogurt based frozen treat. Fruit and yogurt gives nourishment and this is great to beat the heat!

I am also linking this to Sundays on Silverado, Happiness is Homemade, What's For Dinner, and Share The Wealth.

Makes 64-oz 
Blood orange juice - 2/3cup
Blood orange zest - 1 tbsp
Heavy cream - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Greek yogurt - 2cups


Add everything to a blender and blend till smooth.

Switch on the ice cream maker and pour onto a pre-frozen bowl. Churn for 10-15 minutes, until it is beginning to solidify. Add the zest and continue for a couple more minutes.

Transfer to a freezer safe bowl and freeze for at least 3-4 hours.

To serve, scoop with an ice cream scooper onto a bowl and serve immediately.


  1. what a lovely no cook recipe this is. something rich and intensely red as blood orange transforming to a cool frozen yogurt is fabulous

  2. This is surely such a sinful dessert Radha, so good..I am sure your kids would've enjoyed it a lot!

  3. Very Interesting no cook recipe Radha. Frogurt yogurt with blood orange looks tempting .Would love to try this recipe whenever i find these blood orange here.

  4. This looks and sounds amazing - pinned! Thanks so much for sharing at the What's for Dinner party!! Hope to see you again tomorrow.

  5. A very interesting and unique recipe. Would deftly try this recipe if and when I get an access to these blood oranges.

  6. Love the beautiful colour of this frozen dessert! Blood oranges are gorgeous, and it's a brilliant idea to capture their lovely colour and flavour in frozen yogurt.. perfect for summer!

  7. I love frozen yogurt with fruits. This one with blood orange juice and zest sounds so refreshing. perfect no-cook dessert for Summers.

  8. Blood orange froyo sounds yum and that color is so good. Love the idea of using zest and the juice.

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  10. Perfect for the summer kids will love it.