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Meyer Lemon Cashew Fudge/Lemon Kaju Kathli

This is a vegan cashe fudge with perfect lemon flavor to celebrate Spring or any special occasion! This is a no bake and easy stove top recipe and the fudge is ready within thirty minutes!

I may have received samples and the opinions expressed about the products are my own.

I have used Taylor & Colledge lemon extract paste which gives the perfect lemon flavoring to this vegan cashew fudge. This is an amazing product and adds to the flavor profile of any dish used with it. Perfect lemon flavoring! I have used Melissa's Produce Meyer lemons. The zest from fresh lemon adds to the flavor boost! And finally, no sweet is complete without the amazing and pure granulated Dixie Crystals granulated sugar!

Kaju kathli is a popular sweet in India and I have not met anyone who doesn't like it. It is often made in our home and is easy to make. The cooked cashew dough is kneaded and then rolled, cut into shapes. That's all. For kneading with hand, traditionally we apply a little ghee and do, but oil can also be used.

This lemon kaju kathli is another flavor variation of the traditional kaju kathli. For incorporating the lemon flavor, I have used T&C lemon extract paste and fresh lemon zest enhances the flavor. A drop of yellow food color can be added too but it is totally optional. These fudge stays good at room temperature for a week to ten days, but these would be devoured before that time period.

This is vegan recipe. There is no ghee used. Cashew has good amount of fat and hence there is no need. If you are using a non-stick pan, you may need a teaspoon of ghee or oil, which you can add as per preference. When making this fudge it is important to stir the cashew sugar mixture continuously to ensure a smooth dough formation.

Remember when it is cooked for very long on the stove, it may crumble and not become a dough. one simple test, is to touch the swirling mass with wet hands and it shouldn't be sticky. a tiny quantity when rolled, should form into a ball easily without sticking and that is the perfect consistency. At this point, remove from the fire, knead, and roll. This test will help in getting the best fudge. 

If it became crumbly, do not worry. Sprinkle a little milk or plant based milk or even water and knead to a smooth dough and roll out into a thin sheet and slice. Remember that the shelf life may decrease as liquids are added. It may last up to a week and best to refrigerate.

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This is vegan fudge. If you love milk based fudge, try this Milk Chocolate Fudge. Also try this Almond Ricotta Fudge for ultimate flavors! This Soft White Chocolate Strawberry Fudge is one of my favorite and used freeze dried strawberries to add color and flavor to the fudge.

Makes 16-18 pieces

Cashew flour - 1 cup
Dixie Crystals sugar - 2/3 cup
Meyer lemon zest - 3/4 tsp
T&C Lemon extract paste - 1/2 tsp
Water - 1/3 cup
Yellow food coloring - optional, 1 drop


Heat the sugar and water over medium flame and boil it. In five minutes, it will come to 1-string consistency.

Add the lemon extract paste and mix.

Add the cashew flour and mix so that no lumps are formed. Add in the lemon zest and if preferred a drop of yellow food coloring. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

Lower the flame and continue stirring , it will begin to leave the sides of the pan.

Switch off the flame and stir, the swirling mass will come together as a ball. When touched with wet hands, the mixture wont stick. A tiny quantity of this can be easily shaped into ball at this stage and that is the test for doneness.

At this point you can knead more, or transfer to plate and set it, or roll between the parchment paper to quarter inch thickness.

Cut into squares or diamonds. Cool for a few minutes and then separate into individual pieces.

Store in an airtight container until use.

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  1. Yum! This sounds amazing. I love the nut flour with the lemon.

  2. What a fun and exotic fudge! Great shape too!

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