Tuesday, January 25, 2022

White Chocolate Strawberry Bomb

Whether you sweetheart stole your heart or not, these white chocolate strawberry bombs will! These are cute to look at and perfect in flavor! Love strawberry flavor with a touch of white chocolate, YUM! 

These bombs are easy to make. White chocolate flavored with freeze dried strawberry powder is poured on to molds to make the bomb shells. It is then filled with strawberry Nesquik with extra white chocolate chips, freeze dried strawberry bits, and vegan marshmallows.

When you set these bombs on the table, they are sure to catch attraction and you'll have to make more. Plus, it is mesmerizing to watch them melt as your hot milk. These bombs will melt your heart too! These bombs are perfect to enjoy with your family for Valentine's! Kids will be excited for sure!

I have used Ghirardeli Premium White Chocolate Baking bars to make the shell and Ghirardeli white chocolate chips inside the bombs as extra add-ins! Use a double boiler to melt the chips and after pouring into the cavities, chill for 30 minutes to 2 hours for the chocolate to set. Good quality white chocolate have cocoa butter and that adds a smooth flavor to white chocolate. Do not use just any white chocolate bits. Also, good quality white chocolate is easier to melt and shape.

A few drops of pink food coloring is added to the white chocolate to give a color boost and is totally optional. The added strawberry powder plus strawberry Nesquik give the ultimate strawberry flavor to this white chocolate strawberry bomb. Vegan marshmallows, te mini ones, Dandies brand are used in this bomb. It is also optional and can be replaced with regular marshmallows if you prefer to use those.

It is better to store these bombs in cool dry place. They can also be refrigerated if the weather is hot. Heat may cause the white chocolate to melt and hence storing in a cool, dry place is absolutely recommended.

It's the right time to begin the plans for Valentine's Day and what else other than chocolates are perfect for this day? Be it a dark, milk, or white chocolate, it is the best treat as well as a gift for the occasion. Christie is hosting an event and we are sharing ultimate chocolate recipes during this week to help everyone prepare for the big day with the perfect treats and goodies! This Valentine Treat Board was my first share and is the one you'll need to multiply the happiness exponentially!

This White Chocolate Strawberry bomb and Red Velvet Hot Cocoa bombs are perfect for Valentine's Day drink as the weather is still very cold. A piping hot drink is soothing and comforting. I love making and having cocoa bombs and along with the above the Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa bombs and Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs are our favorites!

Makes 10

White chocolate baking bar - 8-oz
Freeze dried strawberry powder - 4 tsp
Pink food color - 5-6 drops
Strawberry Nesquik - 8-12 tbsp

Extra add-ins

Freeze dried strawberry pieces
White chocolate chips

For decoration

Freeze dried strawberries
White chocolate - 1 to 2 tbsp


Crush the freeze dried strawberries with a rolling pin to make powder.

Chop the white chocolate and melt in a double boiler.

Once completely melted, add the freeze dried strawberry powder and pink food color (optional). Mix thoroughly.

Pour onto each cavity (used a 2-in cavity silicone mold), invert to remove excess. Or this can be done by smearing completely the cavity with a spoon. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to two hours.

Once set, slowly remove from the silicone mold. Set aside.

Warm a baking sheet in oven. Rub the edges on warm plate. Do this for 5 shells. To these shells add one to one and a half tablespoon of Strawberry Nesquik. Add white chocolate chips, Dandies vegan marshmallow, and freeze dried strawberries.

Take an empty shell, rub on a warm plate. The melted chocolate acts as a glue to seal the bomb. Place the shell on top of the filled half shell. Make sure the edges are completely closed. Repeat with the rest.

Melt a little white chocolate chips in microwave. Dip a small piece of freeze dried strawberry in white chocolate and place it on top of the prepared bomb as a decoration. This is optional. Store the bombs in cool, dry place in airtight container.

To make a drink, add one bomb to a cup, and pour three-fourth to a cup of hot milk. Stir. Serve immediately.

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  1. These are so cute! I bet they are a huge hit! I need to get some of those molds.

  2. Love the idea of adding freeze dried strawberries to the coating.

    1. It gives natural flavor and color. Thanks for stopping by Wendy!

  3. I think these are such an adorable way to celebrate!

  4. I haven't tried making cocoa bombs yet, yours are so pretty!

    1. Thank you! Once you try, you'll be hooked on to the bombs, Jolene! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ok these are on my too make list. I'm lovin them!

  6. these bombs sound perfect for Valentine's Day! I love that you used freeze dried strawberries!

    1. Yes, Cindy, They are perfect for the celebration!

  7. Love the freeze dried strawberries. I need to get some molds and get to making these.

    1. Yes, freeze dried strawberries give natural flavor. You'll love these when you make. Thanks, Lisa!

  8. I love these flavors, as a kid I always loved strawberry milk, and this is a grown up and warm version of that, but so much better!

  9. Chocolate bombs are the BEST! Love these

  10. These look so pretty!! And I bet they taste amazing. I need to get one of those molds. I'm missing out on the cocoa bomb trend.