Monday, January 24, 2022

Valentine Treat Board

This is the most fun way celebrate Valentine's Day! With this delicious treat board! This is is the most easiest filled with yummy treats board you can arrange with simple homemade treats coupled with some store bought treats. 

This board has lot of treats! Yummy Chocolatey Treats! Chocolates, cookies, s along with white chocolate strawberry many yummy chocolate treats! Strawberry as well as strawberry wafers are also a perfect one to have in the board. The fresh fruit adds color and freshness to the board. This is the perfect fruit forthe day too! It pairs beautifully well with chocolate!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and without chocolate can there be a celebration? Can't? Chocolates are the perfect ones for the loved ones. Christie is hosting an event where we share the most delicious chocolate recipes for a week! Yes, most fun, right? I am starting this week with this delicious treat board and then sharing a few other chocolate treats!

It is easy to arrange. There is no strict rule in the position to place. Each item can be placed strategcally such that they make the board colorful. Arrange the dips,bowls in the place where you want them. Place the cookie varieties a little apart and filling the in between area with different chocolates. I arranged the chocolate hearts in a heart shape and the filled it in with cookie and wafers. Add some roses and rose petal as they are the best flowers to show your love. This boosts the appearance of the board.

Whether you have enough time to plan on elaborate party or running short on time, this board is a great way to enjoy with delicious treats and dessert to celebrate the day with your family! This board has a little something for all the members to have and is kid friendly too! Vegetable Dum Biriyani or Beetroot Pulao can be a perfect lunch/dinner for the special day, or check this for a special menu for the entire day! This Very Berry Lassi would be a perfect breakfast or a dessert/drink for the day and is loaded with nutrients! Rosemalai, traditional rasmalai with a hint of rose flavor, is also a perfect and addictive dessert for the day!

A simple and delicious treat board is easy to set up for fun with some components made at home and using some ready goodies! This board has the following components:

Chocolate Crescent Rolls - This is an easy roll that can be made in 10 minutes with some chocolate bar or chips and refrigerated Pillsbury Crescent roll dough. This is one of the easy chocolatey treat anyone will fall in love with. This could be a perfect snack as well as a great breakfast for Valentine's Day!

"Date" Oats Vegan Heart Cookies - vegan cookies made with oats, dates, and nuts perfectly shaped for the occasion!

Strawberry White Chocolate Fudge - Easy fudge that can be made in a few minutes using condensed milk and vegan marshmallows, Dandies.

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies - These are the amazing and decadent cookies that can be whipped up easily!

Chocolate Dip - An easy dip for dipping, bread, croissant, palmiers, or fruits!

The store-bought goodies are:

Pirouette Vanilla Creme Filled Wafers, Chocolate Fudge Filled Wafers

Strawberry Cream Filled Wafers

Mini Palmiers


Strawberry Wafers, regular and mini bites

Kit Kat Raspberry Cream

M&M Valentine theme

Hersheys Strawberry Filled Chocolate Hearts

More Chocolate Recipes


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