Monday, January 31, 2022

Choco Peanut Butter Oat-Millet Muffins

Do you want the best, healthy muffin for breakfast? Then, this is the perfect one for you. Made with whole grains (oats, millets, and whole wheat) and nuts, this is the addictive muffin that can boost you with nutrition and energy! 

This muffin is made with rolled oats, foxtail millet flour, and whole wheat flour. I have tried this barnyard millet flour and foxtail millet flour, and the results were similar. Tasty, and delicious muffin! Basically any millet flour should work for this recipe. Do not skip the whole wheat flour. Millet flour is not glutinous and the baked muffin will be very crumbly if a little wheat flour is not added. Wheat can be replaced with all-purpose flour too. But adding wheat makes it even healthier! I love using millet flour in muffins, and this Pearl Millet Banana Muffins and this Papaya Orange Muffins with barnyard millet flour are addictive!

The muffins stay good for a couple of days if the weather is cool, stays great for a week in refrigeartor. Warm the muffins and serve.

Coconut sugar or brown sugar can be used. I have tried this with maple syrup too, but the ratio varies a little, but it's worth trying. The muffin can be drizzled with maple syrup and that tasted divine! My way of having this muffin. 

I am sharing this muffin for this month's, this year's very first #MuffinMonday hosted by Stacy. #MuffinMonday is a group of muffin loving bakers who get together once a month to bake muffins. You can see all of our lovely muffins by following our Pinterest board. Updated links for all of our past events and more information about Muffin Monday can be found on our home page.

We are cooking with millets this week in our Foodie Monday Blog Hop group. When I checked my pantry, I had only barnyard and foxtail millet flours and not the grains. Narmadha was kind to accept baking and this muffin was the ideal choice for both the events. Millets are amazing and love to include them in many ways in our diet. Pearl Millet Okara Tikki is a delicious snack/appetizer, and this Sorghum Salad is my favorite way of having a healthy summer lunch. I'll be happy with a piping hot bowl of this Easy One-Pot Mixed Millet and Dal Khichdi and Zero Oil Veggie & Millet Noodle Soup, for this cold season.

I am also linking this to Happiness is Homemade and Sundays on Silverado.

Update Feb 8, 2022: This was featured on Happiness is Homemade #413.

Makes 12 regular muffins

Rolled oats - 3/4 cup
Millet flour - 3/4 cup
Whole wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Oil - 1/4 cup
Peanut butter - 1/2 cup
Almond milk - 1and 1/4 cup
Chocolate chips - 1/2 cup
Brown sugar/coconut sugar - 1 cup
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Flaxseed powder - 3 tbsp


Add the rolled oats, flaxseed powder, and almond milk to a bowl. Mix and set aside for it to soak for 15-20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
To a bowl add the whole wheat flour, millet flour, baking powder, baking soda, and mix.

Add the oil, coconut/brown sugar, peanut butter, vanilla to a bowl and whisk.

Once the oat mixture has soaked, it will be like this.

Add the dry ingredients, followed by wet ingredients, and mix quickly.

Fold in the chocolate chips.

Scoop into a lined muffin tray.

Bake for 23 -24 minutes. 

Cool for 10 minutes. Serve warm.

Here are the quick links to January 2022 Muffin recipes. Thanks, Stacy!


  1. Love chocolate and peanut butter together. Never used millet before, will have to give it a try!

    1. You'll like using millets once you try. Thanks, Jolene!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to pick up a bag of millet asap! These sound wonderful and I know millet is so nutritious.

  3. Great photos Radha! The muffins sound wonderful.

  4. Peanut butter and chocolate they are awesome combo. I would love to try this muffin perfect treat.

  5. Totally love these muffins! Amazing how you have used healthy alternatives like millets, oats and whole wheat flour to make them.

    With chocolate and peanut butter going in, what's to not love?!

  6. I love to use millet in my bakes. These muffins looks super healthy and absolutely mouthwatering. Choco chips, peanut butter and coconut sugar wow sounds fabulous. Can't wait to try.

  7. Who can resist such delightful looking muffins with healthy goodness of oats, millets, Peanut butter and whole wheat flour?

  8. Who can resist such delightful looking muffins with healthy goodness of oats, millets, Peanut butter and whole wheat flour?

  9. I don't know why millet isn't used more in the US. It's fairly common overseas and great for baking with. Lovely muffins, Radha!