Sunday, December 26, 2021

Whole Wheat Chocolate Peppermint Waffles

This is the ultimate breakfast of the season that you'd love to wake up to! The addictive peppermint flavor will make anyone devour these pancakes. These eggless waffles are made with whole wheat and are a very healthy and scrumptious breakfast. Plus, waffles are always crowd pleasing and will make guests very happy. For vegan version, substitute with oil and plant based milk/cream.

Whether you drizzle chocolate-peppermint syrup and whipped cream or pour them on top, these waffles are absolutely divine! Add as per preference! These can be made with regular flour instead of whole wheat. 

The peppermint flavoring comes from Torani peppermint syrup and peppermint extract. This adds a perfect balance. Along with chocolate-peppermint syrup, this will have a perfect balance and will not overwhelm. But, if you are peppermint lover, add peppermint extract to whipped cream, and that would be heavenly too!

This meal can itself be a perfect treat! A holiday meal treat, just like this Whole Wheat Gingerbread Pancake Puffs and Vegan Coconut Gingerbread Muffins. These chocolate peppermint waffles would make feel like having a royal breakfast treat! by the way, if you are a peppermint lover, try this Eggless Triple Peppermint Cookie and Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs.

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Makes 6 to 7 mini waffles

Whole wheat flour - 1 cup
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Milk (regular/plant based) - 1 cup
Peppermint syrup - 3 tbsp
Peppermint extract - 1/4 tsp
Aquafaba - 3 tbsp
Butter/oil - 1 tbsp, melted


Chocolate syrup - 3 tbsp
Peppermint syrup - 3 tbsp
Whipped cream 
Crushed  candy canes


Add the flour, salt, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking powder to a bowl. Mix and set aside.

Mix the chocolate syrup and peppermint syrup. Set aside.

In another bowl, add milk, peppermint syrup, peppermint extract, aquafaba and mix. Pour the milk-mint mixture onto flour mixture. Mix well. Add the melted butter and mix thoroughly.

Heat the waffle iron and pour batter. Cook according to the waffle iron recommnedations and personal preference.

Set aside once it is cooked and repeat with the rest of the batter.

To serve: Stack 3 to 4 pancakes. Add a little cream in between them if preferred. Pipe whipped cream on top. Drizzle with chocolate-peppermint syrup. Sprinkle creuched candy canes. Serve immediately.


  1. Wow! that dessert looks amazing. I love chocolate and peppermint.

  2. That's one super delicious looking waffle Radha, love your showman print on the waffle..:) would love it right..

  3. Oh how nice! Waffles are a favourite with all kids and Ibam sure they are a perfect anytime treat!