Sunday, November 28, 2021

Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Bombs

This is an amazing and delicious hot cocoa bomb with salted caramel flavor. DIVINE, right? This is also easy to make and is THE delicious gift to give to anyone this holiday season! Just drop a bomb in hot water or milk, and you have a perfect drink to curl up with a book or watch a movie!

The temperature plunges down and with this cold weather, a cup of hot cocoa is divine! Especially in the holiday season, it is an amazing gift that would be loved by everyone alike. This is a treat that our family and friends enjoy during this season.

The shells are made with candy melts and the recipe uses salted caramel candy melts to make the shell. This adds a distinct salted caramel flavor to the cocoa. Adding caramel bits to the bomb is optional but will give richer taste. I use my Hot Cocoa Mix, though store-bought ones can be used too.

We love hot cocoa and who doesn't? This is an amazing gift. Wrap a few and pack them according to the quantity packed. Add the instructions to make as a card ot tag! Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs are another perfect one to have or give.

It is very easy to make a delicious drink with these bombs. Add a bomb to a cup and pour hot water or milk on top. The shell will melt releasing the cocoa mix and the toppings. Stir and enjoy. The cocoa will be creamier when milk is used. 

I am sharing to #HolidayTreatsatHWCG. In our Healthy Wellthy Cuisine, we are sharing recipes for goodies that can be wrapped for easy and delicious holiday gifts. This salted caramel hot cocoa bomb is a perfect one to wrap and give.

Some amazing edible gift ideas from the blog:

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Makes 10

Salted caramel candymelts - 1.5 cups
White candymelts - 2 tbsp
Hot cocoa mix - 10-15 tbsp
Decorative sprinkles

Optional add-ons

Mini vegan marshmallow
Caramel bits

Melt the salted butterscotch candymelts in microwave for about one and half to two minutes in 30 second blitz. Mix with a whisk or spoon to achieve uniform smooth consistency.

Add about a teaspoon of the candymelt to each 2.5-in cavity in a silicone mould. Keep in the fridge for a few minutes or leave it to set at room temperature for about 5 minutes.

Gently push the silicone mold and release the candymelt cups.

Heat a cookie sheet at 200 degrees. Gently rub the open end of the cups (half the quantity of the cups) to get uniform edges. To half of the cups, add one to one and a half tablespoon hot cocoa mix. Add vegan marshmallow and caramel bits, or sprinkles as desired.

Gently rub the other empty half cups on to a warm cookie sheet. This will melt the edge of the cup and seal the hot cocoa mix filled cup with it. Repeat with the remaining cups.

Store in airtight container. Pack in boxes for an easy holiday gift. Add the instruction to make while packing.

To make: Add one bomb to a cup and pour a cup of hot water or milk. Stir and enjoy!


  1. Hot cocoa bombs looks irresistible. These will be loved by all age groups. Would love to try this sometime .

  2. Who can ever say No to these salted caramel bombs ..your step wise recipe with pics makes it so easy to follow to and prepare.