Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Milk Chocolate Fudge

This is a simple, easy, and tasty fudge made with milk powder, cocoa, sugar, and butter. This can be made very quickly and is an amazing holiday treat to share with friends and family.

The cook time is about or less than 5 minutes. The only stovetop cooking is making the single string syrup. The rest of the process in done off the flame, cool, right? Just watch while making the syrup as within short time the single string consistency would go to two or three string if left unattended. The syrup consistency goes beyond a single string, the fudge may become crumbly and it won't be possible to make them into any shape. 

To check the string consistency, just take a tiny dab of the syrup in forefinger and stick it between the forefinger and thumb. If a single thread is seen, it is the perfect consistency required.

This stays fresh for a week. I haven't tested beyond that time, as it get quickly empty. The addictive taste of this milk fudge is as selling point and would be gone in a flash.

This fudge has lot of memories attached with it. My mom makes it and all through my childhood days, and even now, this will rank first. My kids and friends also love this chocolate and this has now become a tradition to make and share. Sharing is caring, and fun. 

My mom used to make often for us. She used to add Cadbury's drinking chocolate and make.When she is out of it, she would add Bournvite or Boost (chocolate flavored drink mix like Nesquick) for us. That version too tasted divine. Now, for all festive occasions, this fudge is the unianimous choice for us to make.

Welcome to #CandyFudgeFavorites Day hosted by Jennifer from Take Two Tapas! It's the holidays and we are celebrating the holiday tradition of making candy and fudge! Join me and my fellow bloggers as we share our favorite holiday candy and fudge recipes today. I know you will see some old favorites and I hope you find some new ones!
Makes about 30-32 pieces

Milk powder - 400 g
Sugar - 400g
Cocoa powder - 8 tbsp
Butter - 100g
Water - 2/3 cup


Mix the milk powder and cocoa powder without any lumps.

Heat water and sugar on a pan over medium flame. In about 3-4 minutes, the sugar would have attained a single string consistency. Switch off the flame. Add the butter and whisk it.

Add the milk powder-cocoa mixture and mix thoroughly.

Pour on to a greased 9-in.pie plate. Press firmle to smoothen the top.

Cool for 5 minutes. With a knife cut into squares.

Store in an airtight container until use.


  1. I've never made fudge with milk powder before but I have a whole container of it so I'll be trying this soon!

  2. Family traditions are the best. I love that you still make this fudge from your childhood!

  3. Like Sheila, I love that you have this recipe from childhood, those are the best, because they sweet memories make them even better!

  4. This fudge looks delicious and perfect for the holidays!

  5. Such a unique recipe for fudge! I am already on my second batch!!

  6. What would the holidays be without fudge! And without childhood memories!