Friday, November 12, 2021

A to Z Noodles From Around The World Round-Up

This post is the final round-up of the delicious noodles I had shared this year as a part of Blogging Marathon. We love noodles and who doesn't? Sometimes, it is difficult to try many noodles as we don't eat meat. Vegetarian or vegan options may be available sometimes and may not be always. This puts a stop sign when you want to explare all the delicious food available in the whole wide world.

First of all, for quite a few years,  slowly I have been using different foods that we eat regularly and they can be used as great meat alternatives! Now this is game changer! With all the substitutes and the vegan sauces available in market or online, it is possible to try each and every food in the world, enjoy, and correlate to your traditional food. 

Young or tender jackfruit can be used a meat, sausage or pork substitute like in this Vegan Jamalaya. Artichokes and banana blossom can be used as seafood substitutes like in Fideua or Vegan Jambalaya. Jackfruit seeds (Jackfruit Seed Pulao) and soy chunks can be used as meat. Soy granules are used as ground meat subtitutes in Si Chet Khao Swe and Vegan Cranberry Soy Spring Rolls. Potatoes are meaty and hence can be used too (Ohn No Khauk Swe). There are a couple of other veggies that are also great meat substitutes and will be sharing recipes with them in the future. Tofu is a popular meat sunstitute. Nuts can also be used. Tofu and pecan mixture is used in Dan Dan Noodles and Zha Jiang Mian.

With many subtitutes for meat and vegan sauces, we enjoyed noodles from different parts of the world. I shared the vegetarian and vegan recipes this year for Blogging Marathon hosted by Srivalli of Spicing Your Life. The flavors, textures, sauces make the noodles interesting, as well as the method the noodles are prepared. Biang Biang Noodles and Laphing are the latter category. Without much ado lets get to the round-up of "A-Z Noodles From Around The World".

This classic Italian noodles with fresh tomato sauce made from Roma tomatoes and thin noodles is addictive. This is great for lunch or dinner. This amazing noodle is always comforting and satisfying.

Bibim Guksu

This Korean cold and spicy noodle is one of our family favorites. It is perfect for summer lunch. This vegan version uses vegan kimchi. Gochujang, Korean red chili paste adds a kick to this dish.

This popular Chinese noodle is tasty and quick to make even a weeknight dinner. This vegan version uses vegan sauces instead of the traditional sauces which contain fish.

This is a famous street food in Sichuan. This is a fiery noodle and my vegan version uses tofu and pecan mixture as pork substitute. This awesome noodles also has the numbing effect, but the experience is amazing.

Kushari is tasty and delicious, all in one comfort food. Rice, vermicelli, pasta, lentils, garbanzos, all flavored with tomato sauce, cumin water and topped with crunchy onions. Kushari is a famous street food in Egypt and is also the national food. 

Fideua is Spanish noodle paella. This short length noodle paella is flavored with saffron and spanish paprika. My vegan version uses artichokes as seafood substitute. This is an amazing, simple, and comforting meal.

This is a vegan version of the popular Korean glass noodle stir-fry aka as Japchae and is made with bouncy glass noodles with a sweet soy dressing and veggies.Tofu is used as meat substitute.

Haluski is a simple and tasty noodle and cabbage cooked in butter, from the eastern Europe region. This is popular comfort meal in Poland, Ukraine, Slovak, and Hungary. 

This is light and simple rice noodles from south India. This is gluten-free, vegan, and is fit for people recovering for illness too. Though this is a popular breakfast, our family loves to have this paired with sweet coconut milk and spicy stew for any meal.

This is the Korean black bean sauce noodles. The potatoes, cabbage cooked in the fermented black bean sauce makes this a lip-smacking one!

This is a perfect chilled Korean noodle soup for summer made with fresh soy milk. We love this that it often repeated. Fresh creamy, nutty, soy milk makes the difference.

This is a Tibetan yellow laphing noodles. The Chinese laphing is made with mung flour. I chose the Tibetan version because of the way the noodles was made with flour. The fresh noodles made by separating the gluten is quite interesting way. Though it is a tedious procedure, the resulting noodle tasted amazing. Not to be missed. Also, the gluten that is separated is used as a filling in the noodle. Delicious and spicy noodle!

Mee Goreng Vegan Version

This is a popular version in Indonesia. My vegan version uses tofu, plain noodles instead of egg noodles, and fish sauce is omitted. This quick and comforting stir-fry can easily become a family favorite. Kecap manis makes this sauce different and amazing.

A simple and delicious noodle salad from Burmese cuisine. Tofu is used as meat substitute and the salad has lot of crunchy toppings. Anyone would easily love this tasty, delicious, and satisfying salad.

This is tatsy curry noodles with lots of textures from the Burmese cuisine. The vegan version uses potato as meat subtitute.

Here is a vegan version of the world famous Pad Thai noodles. The simple flavors of this meal is amazing and is no wonder very popular. This version uses tofu as meat substitute.

This is a special breakfast in Qatar and neighboring countries. This has a sweet vermicelli component and a savory vegetarian omelette and potatoes. The fragrant and tasty vermicelli shouldn't be missed! Delicious!

This Korean street food has everything in it. It is a popular street food with tteokboki, ramen, cheese, in a spicy sauce.

The vegan cersion of the famous garlic oil noodles from Myanmar uses soy granules and plain noodles. This is a street food and with simple flavors, it is a comforting one!

A buttermilk based fresh noodle soup from Georgia. Serve this piping hot and the flavors and  textures play tango in your mouth.

Kare udon or curry udon noodles uses a stew of veggies with curry powder cooked in butter. Lip-smacking delicious udon noodles from Japan.

Broth makes the difference. A delicious pho has an amzing broth and do not skip that. Check the recipe link and make the simple broth and enjoy this vegan version of the world famous Pho from Vietnam.

This Cantonese wonton and noodle soup is amazing comfort meal.  Store-bought or homemade vegan wontons can be used to make this vegan noodle soup. We love to have a bowl of this during winter.

This is mouth numbing, soupy noodle from Sichuan region. My version uses oil instead of lard in the original recipe. This is a great noodle soup, just adjust the chili oil that you can handle. Traditionally, the soup looks fiery red!!!

This is a classic and lip-smacking popular noodle from Japan. The sauce for this noodles makes it an amazing one! This vegan version uses tofu as pork subtitute.

Zha jiang mian is the popular Beijing fried sauce noodles. In the vegan version, I have used vegan sauces as well as used tofu and pecan as meat substitute.

This journey exploring noodles from different regions of the world was an amzing one and it had also helped understand the culture of the corresponding region. Our family enjoyed each and every noodle and for sure each and every one will be repeated in your homes too. This was a part of Blogging Marathon! Hope to see you all next year with a different A-Z series!


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  2. Awesome roundup Radha, its am amazing job, you got to pat yourself for this excellent work, I am totally impressed that with Veg and Vegan options you have covered the whole series..

  3. Such an awesome collection of noodle recipes. Noodles is such an interesting theme and at the same time must have taken lot of time for you to do the research and veganize these from around the world noodle dishes.

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