Sunday, October 24, 2021

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers

This is not just ordinary poppers...these are scary/spooky but cute mummy jalapeno poppers! These are perfect for Halloween parties.  The cheese filling is rich in flavor with a touch of fresh herbs and garam masala. They are great as such or serve with a dip - Ghost Dip!

These are easy to make and can be made using crescent rolls or puff pastry. We love both the versions and both are buttery and delicious. This recipe uses ready to use crescent rolls. When puff pastry is used, the jalapeno poppers are very flaky. Halve the jalapenos, fill with cheese filling, and wrap with thin ropes of the crescent roll or puff pastry, bake and enjoy these cute, scary Halloween finger food. To make it more spooky, serve with Ghost Dip - a perfect match! Kids would love! These are amazing that anyone may fall in love with them immediately. This Kid-Friendly Deathly Dracula Drink would a great choice for fun filled Halloween themed party menu.

Green onions, cilantro, and mint along with garam masala add a touch of Indian flavors and the filling is extremely delicious perfect for the jalapenos. These are similar to stuffed mirchi bajji but cheese stuffed. The Rajasthani Mirchi Vada is a spicy potato stuffed indian style jalapeno poppers. Although we make our kind bajji's with jalapenos, cheese filled jalapeno poppers secured a spot. I always add a little of our masala powder to add robust flavors. This is one of our favorite way of having cream cheese jalapeno poppers.

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Makes 10-12

Jalapenos - 10 to 12, depending on size
Cream cheese - 8-oz, room temperature
Cheddar cheese - 2 cups
Garlic powder - 1/8 tsp
Garam masala - 1/2 tsp
Mint - 3 tbsp, finely chopped
Cilantro - 1/4 cup, finely chopped
Green onion - 1, thinly sliced
Salt - 1/8 tsp
Candy eyes


Take all the ingredients except jalapenos in a bowl, mix, and set aside.

Halve the jalapenos, scoop out the seeds and discard them. Fill the inside of each half of the jalapeno with the cheese mixture.

Remove the crescent rolls out of the packaging. Attach the perforations and roll slightly to make it as one sheet. Cut into 20 strips.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Roll each jalapeno piece with a dough strip to look like a mummy. Arrange on a baking sheet. 

Bake for 13 minutes or until it is light golden in color. Remove from the oven. Cool for 5 minutes. Attach candy eyes. Serve with Ghost dip!

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  1. Such adorable finger food for our Halloween festivities!

  2. We love jalapeno poppers in this house and the little eyes on them are so fun.

  3. These are so cute! And great finger food for a party.

  4. My daughter loves jalapeno poppers and these are the cutest ever!

    1. Great to kow your daughter loves jalapeno poppers. Thanks, for stopping by, Inger.

  5. What a tasty duo! Crescent rolls and jalapeƱos! I loved the look of these and the taste!