Saturday, October 9, 2021

Kid Friendly Deathly Dracula Drink

This is an amazing drink flavored with rose syrup. This is aromatic and this kid-friendly drink is very perfect for any Halloween parties. The purple color of this drink is perfect for the theme and kids would love this yummy drink.

Kids love Halloween parties and especially juice. Colored juices or soda with fancy name attracts them. Orange colored. black, purple, or elctric lime green colored drinks would be fun for them to enjoy Halloween. This drink is one such. This purple tasty drink takes only 2-3 minutes to make. This can be easily scaled up. For very young kids, mixing two colors and making a new color would be fun and would love to help out with this as well as enjoy the drink too. Blue curacao and rose syrup when mixed makes a purple color drink and this would be fascinating to them as well would be a witch drink for them.

This is simple to make and needs 3 to 4 ingredients - blue curacao, rose syrup, and lemon sparkling water. It is important to use sparkling water and not soda. Both blue curacao and rose syrup are high in sugar and hence adding sparkling water balances the sweetness. Adding lemon soda will be sugar overload. Lemon, lime, or orange flavored sparkling water works with this drink. If you can't find any citrus flavored sparkling water, add regular sparkling water and a little lemon/lime juice. 

Michelle is hosting an event today and we are sharing Halloween themed cocktails and mocktails in our Festive Foodies group. As Halloween is around the corner, check this as well as the recipes by fellow bloggers at the end of this post to help plan your party drinks.

2 servings

Blue Curaoco - 2 tbsp
Rose syrup - 4 tsp
Lemon sparkling water - 1 cup


Add the syrups and sparkling water, swirl to mix. Add ice to serving glasses, fill with the meixed drink. Serve

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  1. And this could easily be made into an adult cocktail using blue curacao liqueur. Great recipe Radha.

    1. Yes, with the liqueur, this can be made into adult drink. Thanks for stopping by Wendy!

  2. What a fun and festive drink for the kids. The color is perfect for Halloween. Thanks for joining in! :)