Sunday, September 26, 2021

Spiderman Themed Party

Birthdays are full of fun, especially with a party. Friends and families together with good food and laughters, that a celebraton! When everything is DIY, it is all the more fun. One time we did a super quick Spiderman themed party. We did evrything by ourselves and it was fun to do with kids. It just took two days to do this party!

We used red and blue colored crepe papers, which are perfect for Spiderman theme, to make a background. We used colored paper triangles and alphabet stickers to make a banner! Spiderman face was printed out, colored, and cut into the right shaoe. Kids loved doing these and your decorations for the party is also set.

We also made fun food labels. Again , it is just using papers and markers and writing them in the theme colors. We made the label sound fun with the food that we planned and it was a huge hit. With every label, kids were super excited. It is that age that they think even the name will give them extra power to shoot spider webs. You can hear the web from their wrist out:-) That much fun!

I am sharing this simple DIY party idea to do in two days as a part of this week's Blogging Marathon. Check out my earlier post about "Attack on Titans" themed party idea.

Pizza is all-time wanted food for kids and we labeled it as 'Webizza'.

Veggie hakka noodles are another kids favorite! I made it and labeled as 'Energizing Web Power Food'! Kids went nuts over this. Since the noodles looks like the webs, it was an apt name and is kids favorite too!

Next, a party should have some sweet fun elements for the kids. We saw some jelly in stores and used them right away as 'Spidey Treats'.

Cookie cups in Spiderman colors and Jello added fun to the party. These sweet treats were gone in a flash. The cookie cups were made with colored sugar cookie and red colored white chocolate filling! Adults too loved these cookie cups!

Thirst quenchers are essential for a bunch of young kids. After shooting webs as pretend Spiderman, they need some liquid. We had water, blue curaco, and kiwi lemon juice. We gave name to water as 'Liquid Web', blue curaco as Spidey's Refreshing Drink', and Kiwi-lemon juice as 'Goblin Juice'. Again the kids loved the names as well as juice. Because of the name, they had more of these and the end result more power to shoot webs and play:-). I couldn't find the pictures to add here. Once I retrieve thise will add here.

Finally, what is a birthday party without a cake? I baked a vanilla based eggless cake - 2 tiers, the top tier is cut into Spidey face and decorated with buttercream! Total Fun!

We had an amazing celebration and that's the point. It is possible to make everything DIY by keeping things simple and maximizing fun!


  1. I totally agree with the DIY parties. Sometimes when time is pressing, we end up outsourcing stuff. Diy stuffs are always fun. Very nicely done Radha and everything looks so good.

  2. This is surely yet another fantastic theme Radha, amazed at the energy levels and creativity!..I am sure this will be so useful for others..Kudos on a wonderful share!