Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Pokemon Birthday Party Menu Ideas

Birthday is the only day kids always wait for and an amazing party makes it memorable. We had such an amazing Pokemom themed party and here I amsharing kids and adults finger food, and a desi/Indian food menu with amazing, fun food names in accordance with the theme.

We had an amazing party with friends and family. We made the labels using the Pokemon characters. Kids are crazy with Pokemon cards and they always trade based on the power and value of the character. It is fun playing with them. Since, there were many characters that rhyme well with many foods, my daughter prepared labels that were placed or taped in front of the food trays. We had fun time deciding the alliterating names and food menu!

With the character Serena, we made a snack bar and here are the list of snacks for the party (cookies and mirchi bajji were homemade):

Doduo Donut Holes - Donut Holes

Fennekin Fireballs - Cheese balls

Poliworl Jam Cookies - Jam Pinwheel Cookies

Venesaur's Veggie Straws - store bought veggie straws

Tapu Koko Tater Tots 

Voltorb Veggies and Dip - Veggies with Ranch Dip

Charmander Chip and Dip - Tortilla chips with Salsa


Magnemite Mirchi Bajji - my friend's amazing spicy Mirchi Bajji

For the Party food, we had all time comforting (for both Kids and adults) Indian menu. With planning, I was able to cook for a big party and enjoy it too. Its always fun when you cook for your loved ones! So kept the menu simple, but satisfying!

We had elders visiting us and hence had Idli with sambhar and chutney. There is nothing more comforting than soft, fluffy idlies. We named it Igglybuff Idlies to match the theme.

Chapathi with Paneer curry is all what kids love and we included them in our menu, Pichu's Paneer Masala and Charizard Chapathi. Since, Charizard blows fire, my kids thought to name it as we make phulkas by cooking them in fire.

Biriyani is always loved by everyone and is a crowd pleaser, and hence an item in the menu aptly named as Meloetta Masala Bath and perfectly paired with Raichu's Raita.

I baked and decorated a Eggless Chocolate Cake with whipped cream frosting. The smaller pokeballs have buttercream frosting. Each pokemon has power and individuality. So I added HP 500 and Laser Blaster 200 to denote the power and quality below my son's name (smudged here). We added nine pokeballs on top around the three edges as we celebrated his ninth birthday.

To add to the fun, have a pinata! Pikachu pinata perfectly fits in the theme.

This was an amazing party we enjoyed in the park. It is easy to make a simple party amazing by adding small details. We had the table covers yellow. We made goody bags matching to the theme. We added Pikachu ears or pokeball cutouts to yellow and white bags to make it more extra special. Kids would always love to chip in with all the wonderful ideas and it would be a breeze to do. Also, check here for a quick DIY Spiderman Themed Party and Attack on Titan Themed party Menu Ideas, again here we designed everything according to the anime.


  1. I love how you named the dishes. Very nice and pinata is something all kids love right? We had pinata for a couple of birthday parties for my son too. Loved all your posts under this theme Radha.

  2. hahah the dishes name are so creative...yet another fantastic theme Radha, enjoyed all your share for the theme..