Friday, September 24, 2021

Attack on Titans Themed Party Menu Ideas

Attack on Titan Theme Cake

Birthdays are very important and a themed party makes it very special. Kids have their favorite characters and a party based around the character is one of memorable party they would have.

When my kid wanted a party based on this anime, I began to know more about this character. Sometimes, I do watch with them, but this one, I did not. So in a weeks time, I was filled with lot of details from them and watching a few episodes may help if it is totally new. For this theme, there were no available decorations or cake toppers. We made everything DIY. The decor included green balloons and green crepe paper strips as the character he likes, Levi, wears a green cape. We added gold and silver to jazz up a little. We decided on the menu based on the characters and their liking. We made our own cake topper by printing and using laminating sheets laminated the character. We did the same for labeling the party food, which is a major one. 

For this week’s Blogging Marathon, I am sharing themed party ideas and this anime themed party menu is the first one. Check the blog for the next couple of days for more themed party food.

Here is a simple menu which would be loved by all kids making a fun a memorable party. The food labels were made based on the theme's characters and some of their favorite foods. For this anime, there were four regiments and based on that we made the food divisions :

 Survey Corps Dining Hall - This had the main food

Mac and Cheese
Aloo tkki burger - fix your burger with aloo tikki patties - Kids loved this than the pizza!

Garrison Regiment's Walltop Bites - finger foods

Spring rolls
Mozzarella sticks
Tater Tots
Breadsticks served with marinara and pesto

Water and juice - labeled as Titan Serum

Military Police Sina Salad Stand - Fresh fruits and veggies with Piquant Bagel dip, cottage cheese, and ranch

Warrior Candidate's Dessert Bar - cookies, icecream, and of course a special cake!

A one-of-a-kind theme cake - 3-tier Eggless Tiramisu Cake. He loves tiramisu and wated a cake based on these flavors. Check the link for an eggless cake recipe. This cake was loved by everyone. There are three walls in the anime and the titan comes out through a hole in the wall. We selected that scene and made a cake. Check the cake link for the recipe and decoration guide. Our family and my son's friend too helped in decorating the cake. That's what is making memories and enjoyment is all about.

If you try any of this please let me know by commenting here! And remember, any theme, it is always possible to do, all you need is a little creativity!


  1. I didn't know about this character too. Thanks for sharing and that's an amazing party menu and you have done it nicely.

  2. Wow this is simply awesome..excellent theme and you have done it so well!

  3. Wow didn't know the character. But the themed dishes look amazing.