Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Zucchini Nachos

Zucchini nachos is made with farm fresh zucchini with toppings like beans, cheese, avocado, jalapenos, and of course with fresh pico de gallo. This is a very healthy snack as well as an appetizer. This is a low carb snack rich in nutrition. This nachos is absolutely delicious with addictive flavors. A fresh way to serve zucchini!

This can be very easily. There is only one point to remember. Grill the zucchini pieces or pan roast them just for a couple of minutes. They shouldn't become mushy. To achieve this, zucchini should be quarter inch thick slices. This size makes it perfect for nachos. This can imitate the tortilla chips. Alternatively, zucchinis can be roasted in the oven too.

Zucchini is everywhere and to me it is a great vegetable. If you are looking for a new way to include zucchini, making nachos with them is totally awesome! With fresh and delicious topping, this nachos is ultimate! To make it vegan, use dairy free cheese.

This can be made with season's fresh produce. Every market is now loaded with squash, tomatoes, peppers....fresh season's bounty! Whether you get from farmers market or from your local stand, this is a great way to include more veggies in food. This can be great for meatless meals too! There is a farm near me and they have U-PICK options. Whenever I go, I am sure to come home with good amount of squash varieties :-).

Farmer’s Market Week is always the first week in August. Whether you have a great local farm stand or market, are a member of a CSA or purchase your fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, follow our Pinterest board, for great recipes including those for appetizers, drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and more.

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Zucchini - 24 1/4-in slices
Salt - a couple of pinch
Pepper powder - a little
Oil - 2 tsp

For topping

Black beans - 3/4 cup, cooked
Fresh pico de gallo - 1/2 cup
Onions - 1/4 cup, diced
Cilantro - 2 tbsp, chopped
Avocado - 1/2, diced
Cheese - 3/4 to1 cup, shredded


Heat a cast-iron pan. Drizzle 1/4 tsp oil and cook the zucchini for 2-3 minutes, they should just brown a little. 

Sprinkle salt and pepper, flip and cook the other side. Repeat with all the zucchini slices.

Arrange them in an oven-proof serving platter.

Sprinkle halt to 3/4 cup cheese on top.

Switch on the oven in broiler mode. Broil it on high just for the cheese to melt. 

Sprinkle the beans, onions, jalapenos, avocado slices, fresh pico de gallo, and cilantro.

Serve immediately.


  1. So fresh and healthy! What a great way to enjoy your veggies!

  2. Such a fun and healthy appetizer! Making this for a pool party where a couple folks are watching their carbs and are gluten free!

    1. Yes, Kathleen! This is great when you watch carbs. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a great idea to get those veggies into any course!

  4. Yes! I've been wanting to try these but haven't gotten around to it yet! They sound awesome.

  5. Another fabulous way to use up the zucchini. I swear, mine is growing three inches a day!

  6. Such fresh ingredients. Love that the zucchini is taking the place of chips. Perfect for a meatless meal.

    1. Yes, this is a great idea! Thanks, Jennifer!

  7. I am in love with this recipe! I love how low carb and pretty it is!

  8. What a fantastic idea! This is a great way to make nachos and use all my garden zucchini.

  9. Such a great alternative to fatty nachos slathered in cheese and meat. These were so delicious and refreshing! I may never go back to regular old nachos again!

  10. This is brilliant! So colorful and delicious!

  11. This is a terrific idea to use up the bounty of summer zucchini and delicious, too!

  12. What a great idea! I would love to enjoy these for lunch.

  13. Genius! I love this idea and I am eyeing my zucchini right now!

  14. This is an amazing idea! I'm totally doing this with the next zucchini out of my garden. I should have a couple ready in a day or two!

  15. I tried this recipe last night. Thank You for this low fat yet delicious recipe