Saturday, August 7, 2021

No Churn White Peach Icecream

This is a no churn, easy, three ingredient fresh white peach icecream recipe. This is very easy recipe using only three ingredients. Basically no work at all and that is great, isn't it! This is an eggless icecream.

Summer fruits are so delicious. Peach, mangoes, plums, nectarines, and cherries are my favorites. I love to have them as such. No need to cook with them, though I love desserts with these fruits. They are sweet and juicy and are great to snack on them. Great excuse not to cook :-). But icecreams are so delicious for summer. Perfect coolers for the heat. This is an eggless icecream and fits in no cook category. Just puree the fruit and mix everything, throw in the freezer and you have a wonderful treat! No need to peel the fruit. Well, if you want to, you can use peeled fruit. No whipping the cream too! It works, trust me. Delicious, creamy peach icecream! That's cool! This is always a winner!

All you need for making this is fresh white peaches, condensed milk, and heavy cream - just three ingredients! I have used the white peaches from my backyard tree. They were amazing and delicious! Yellow peach can also be used for the same recipe. When the tree is full of ripe peaches, and you are done sharing the produce with family and friends, with the ones remaining after snacking.....yes, need to utilize in some yummy recipes and enjoy the treats with family. Icecreams are cooler treats and hence I always try to make some and keep stock of at least one or two flavors in my freezer. This peach icecream is so simple yet delicious that it gets emptied real quick.

Ellen is hosting 'Scrumptious Stone Fruit Recipes' in #ourfamilytable group. Summer is great with loads of stonefruits and this no churn icecream using white peaches is my recipe for the event.  We share Recipes From Our Dinner Table! Join our group and share your recipes, too! While you're at it, join our Pinterest board, too! 

It is the season of great delicious fruits and also icecream. Check here for delicious Mango Icecream and Musk Melon Icecream made with fresh produce of the season and the icecreams are addictive.


White peach - 2.5 cups, pitted, chopped
Condensed milk - 1 14-oz container
Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups


Chop the peaches and puree it along with the juices. Add the condensed milk and blitz a couple of times.  Transfer to a bowl. Add the heavy whipping cream. Gently mix and transfer to a freezer safe bowl. 

Freeze for at  least 4-5 hours.


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  1. I love no churn ice cream adn this is great because peaches are everywhere right now!

  2. Looks so tasty! I can't wait to get to the fruit stand for the new peaches now!

  3. Ohhh! I love peach ice cream and no churn is perfect