Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Kaima Bona Gatoi

Kaima bona gatoi is grilled vegetables from Papua New Guinea. Eggplants and zucchini along with onions and peppers are marinated in spicy marinade and then grilled. This simple and spicy grilled vegetable is very delicious and tasty that it will become one in your menu often. The grilling enhances the marinated veggies and it is easy to prepare. This is a vegan side and this can be a great one for any summer grilling.

We are exploring Oceanic cuisine this week in our Blogging Marathon and I am sharing this recipe for the same. This recipe is from Papua New Guinea and I have shared Green Paw Paw curry earlier. This grilled veggie from the Oceania is equally tasty like the Grilled Cilantro Lime Paneer. These two recipes can make a great vegetarian menu for grilling.

When I was researching Oceanic cuisine, I loved the description in Taste Atlas. But couldn't find a recipe that was easier or clear to follow. The recipe in wiki fandom was not clear at all and some of the ingredients and procedures were not used or were extra.  I followed Salty Elephant and tried to give exact measurements in my recipe as the veggies can vary in sizes. Also, since Taste Atlas mentioned that spicy peppers are used in this curry, I used finely chopped serrano peppers in the recipe. any spicy pepper available can be used.

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Eggplant - 16 1/4-in slices, one long eggplant
Zucchini - 16 1/4-in slices, about one medium zucchini
Onion - 1 cup, big dices
Red bell pepper - 1 cup, big chunks
Serrano or spicy pepper  - 1 tsp, chopped
Garlic - 2 cloves, finely chopped
Cayenne - 3/4 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Vinegar - 1 tbsp
Oil - 4 tbsp


Add all the veggies to a bowl. Add the spices, oil, salt, and vinegar. 

Toss well, cover, and marinate for an hour.

Switch on the broiler on high. Transfer the marinated veggies to a baking sheet. 

Broil for 6-7 minutes. Flip and broil for 3-4 minutes.

Remove from the oven, transfer to a serving bowl, and serve.


  1. Great veggie dish!!! Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party - see you back tomorrow!

  2. Grilled veggies are always welcome. We can probably squeeze in a couple more grilling sessions before the weather changes.

  3. Wonderfully grilled vegetables..very nice Radha..

  4. We sure enjoyed featuring your awesome post this week on Full Plate Thursday,550!Thanks so much for sharing with us and come back to see us soon!
    Miz Helen