Saturday, July 17, 2021

Mango Falooda Monster Milkshake

This monster milkshake is inspired by one of our childhood favorite, Falooda! This is mango flavored, which is another summer fruit. Mango milkshake is used in the place of creamy milk that is usually added in falooda. Falooda itself is kind of monster sized dessert with layers of tasty fillings. Plus, a lot of additional toppings like rasmalai, cake, wafers are added making this a monster loaded with yummy treats and mango. Add a kulfi stick too. Sounds delicious, right!

Mango falooda is an yummy dessert which we loved to order when we were young. Though I make different flavored falooda at home like. Berry Falooda, mango falooda is very special. This brings back lots of memories. We made some more memories with this monster shake. We made this for my friend's birthday and we share a common taste. Again, this is a monster shake loaded with sugary stuff, and hence we shared and enjoyed.

About the ingredients - Basil/tukmaria/sabja seeds are a must in falooda and if you can't find, chia seeds can be substituted. Falooda sev is a very thin noodles made with corn flour. These would be available in Indian grocery stores. Canned mango puree is used which is sweetened. Fresh mango puree can also be used. Rasmalai is a milk based sweet - floating balls or discs of milk solids in creamy thick milk. This rasmalai is added in the milkshake as well as in the toppings too. Store-bought rasmalai works too and for this mango monster shake, I have used mango rasmalai. Mango semolina cake is used but any cake or pie or cheesecake can be used. This is a mango overload and hence mango icecream is used. Check out this eggless Mango Icecream recipe too. Vanilla icecream works too in this recipe. Add a mango kulfi too in the toppings for more fun. Mango jelly and fruit leather are also great toppings. I ran out of it and hence couldn't add here. Since this is monster milkshake, there is no strict rule for the order of adding the layers, feel free to fix it in your way.

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Makes 3

For milk shake

Mango purée - 1 cup, canned
Mango ice cream - 1 cup
Rasmalai - 1 rasmalai plus 1/2 cup creamy milk

For assembly

Mango purée - 3/4 cup
Falooda sev/noodles - 4-6 tbsp, cooked
Tukmaria/basil seeds - 1 tbsp soaked in 1/4 cup water 
Tutti fruity - 4-8 tbsp
Pistachio - 3 tbsp
Rasmalai - 2-6
Mango semolina cake - 3 slices
Mango icecream - 3 scoops
Mango chunks - 2/3 cup


Blend the mango puree, ice cream, and rasmalai with cream to a smooth milkshake consistency.

In tall glass or in a hurricane glass, Add the 2 tablespoons of mango puree. Add the falooda sev, followed by soaked basil/tukmaria seeds, followed by tuttifruity. Add mango chunks, milkshake, and top with a scoop of icecream. Add chunks of mango, tutty fruity. Top with a rasmalai piece. Decorate on the sides with slices of cake. Add wafer if preferred. In a skewer slide a rasmalai piece and chunks of mango. Slide it into the glass. Repeat with two more servings, toppings can be added as desired.

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  1. This looks so good! Mango is one of my favorite flavors and this milkshake looks so fun!