Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mango Icecream

This mango icecream is made with fresh mangoes, milk, sugar, and cream. This is a fuss-free, easy, delicious, and cold dessert  is perfect for the summer. The fresh mangoes make a lot of difference in the flavor of the icecream. This recipe is eggless and hence apt one  to enjoy super delicious mango icecream for people with egg allergies.

Mangoes are the best summer fruits. Right from early years, we wait for summer for two reasons - reason one is no school and the second major reason is "Mangoes". I should rank mangoes as number one but as a kid summer vacation is the most fun time. The markets would be full with this fruit right during the summer vacation  time and so many varieties. Each and every variety has it own addictive flavor. I used to eat curd rice and mangoes all through the summer.

If there is a fruit that I can't stop eating, it is mangoes. I have to chop more mangoes as a substantial amount of mangoes finds a way to reach our tummies. Mangoes are yum to eat as such, in the form of smoothies, shakes, puddings, cakes, breads , or icecream. We love this icecream and we make it regularly using fresh mangoes. I have tried this with Alphonso, Banganapalli, Malika Basant, Kent, Hayden, and Philippine mangoes. There are subtle differences in flavor of the icecream with the mango variety used, but they are all delicious.

This is my third post for this month's Blogging Marathon - Summer Coolers. 

Summer always requires lot of yummy cold treats and coolers. This mango icecream, Mango Kulfi, and Musk Melon Icecream are perfect cold desserts for the season. This mango icecream can also be used to make mango falooda, mango milkshake, or mango mastani.


Mangoes - 2 cups, small dices
Sugar -2/3 cup
Milk - 3/4 cup
Heavy cream - 1.5 cups 


Blend the diced mangoes with sugar and milk to a smooth puree.

Add the cream and combine thoroughly. Just blend very shortly at low speed to mix. Do not over whip.

Add the mix to the frozen ice-cream bowl and churn for 15-20 minutes. 

Transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for 4-5 hours.

Scoop in to ice-cream serving bowls, top with nuts, or chunks of mangoes and serve.


  1. Simply so sinful!..making this ice cream during the season is a must!..your ice cream's texture looks awesome!

  2. Who can say no to mangoes and if it is an ice cream....absolutely not. This mango ice cream looks so yum.

  3. Mango ice cream is the best and no one can delicious whipped homemade ice cream. I wish we get some good mangoes here. But I am thinking if I can use the mango pulp to make some. What a beautfiul color.

    1. Yes, mango pulp works too. Adjust the sugar accordingly. May be will share the recipe too. Thanks, Sandhya.

  4. Simple and yet sinfully delicious icecream. Absolutely love it.

  5. OMG! what a sinful treat to dig in. I shall try to make it this mango season.

  6. Mango ice cream looks so creamy and delicious. Must try during mango season