Saturday, April 24, 2021

Jamun/Black Plum & Coconut Water Cooler

Jamun, Syzygium Cuminii, is one of the healthiest fruits. It has a nice deep purple color with pinkish white flesh. They taste sweet and tart depending up on how ripe they are, but it has an astringent after-taste. Many people may not like it. It colors the tongue with a purple hue after consuming the fruit. When we were kids, it was fun to check each other's tongue color when all our cousins meet for summer. This is one of the fruits that you get towards end of the summer and we had fun eating and making memories. 

I love this fruit so much that I won't wait or any of it to make anything out of it. Before the thought settles in, I would have finished the entire quantity of the fruit. Since it has an astringent aftertaste, my kids don't like it (yeah, OK! I can have their share too :-)). This fruit has so many health benefits that I don't want anyone to miss this beautiful fruit. This cooler is perfect as it is mild in jamun flavor. And tender coconut water is another super summer cooler with innumerable benefits. Combining these two in right proportion helps maintain health. And, I should say this recipe is keeper, as my kids drink this without any complains. 

I have used frozen jamun fruits in this recipe, as fresh ones are not available here. Fresh ones are amazing too!

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Serves 2 - 4

Jamun - 5
Coconut water - 2 cups
Ice - 1/2 cup
Sugar 3 tsp


Chop and deseed the fruit. Blend the coconut water and jamun fruit. Add crushed ice to the glasses. Add the juice. Alternatively, ice can be blended with the fruit and coconut water.



  1. Wow what a lovely colour to the drink Radha..bookmarking it to make soon..

  2. Jamun has imparted such a vibrant color to the drink. Looks so refreshing and I am sure coconut water will make it more flavorful

    1. Yes. I love the vibrant color of jamun fruits. The drink is very refreshing and flavorful. Thanks, Narmadha!

  3. Wow such a colorful and refreshing drink! looks pretty too!!!

  4. wow such a nice and refreshing drink, love the color

  5. This is sure an interesting blend of jamun and coconut water you have got there. Love the color of this invigorating drink.