Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Cocoa Chia Coconut Smoothie

This vegan smoothie is naturally sweetened with coconut water and banana. 100% cocoa powder helps in energizing you while almonds and chia give a protein boost. This is a perfect breakfast smoothie and as temperature increases, I love to have more of smoothie kind. The coconut water also helps in cooling the body. Soaked almonds give a smooth texture. Almonds can be used without soaking too. Make sure to blend a little more. If you want a bit of bite here and there in the smoothie, prefer to use without soaking.

The Accidental Alchemist is a great book by Gigi Pandian. It is the first book in this series. I love the story line. The cover attracted me first and then the recipes inside too! The gargoyle with a whisk in cute! A great cover and a great book. The story is set in Portland. The story is how Zoe, the alchemist (who is living for centuries) and Dorian (the gargoyle from Paris) solve a mystery.  Dorian needed help to stay alive, as he may be turning into a stone and he trusted Zoe to be the one who can help him. Dorian had with him an old alchemist book which was used to bring him to life by his famous father. He requested Zoe to decipher the codes using the book and somehow help him to stay alive, and not turn back to a stone. This story unfolds when the book got lost and they were trying to get it back desperately. I liked the story line too as the mystery of the handyman's death led to attempt on Blue's life.....Zoe and Dorian were great pairs. Both the mystery and fantasy elements were perfectly balanced in this book. I admired the character Zoe's approach to problem solving and the way she thinks quickly. Also, loved the healthy lifestyle with balanced fitness and optimal food. I am onto reading the other books in this series and would recommend this book. A great reading as I couldn't put it down.

From the food point of view, Dorian won me through and through. I loved the way he made everything so delicious and how the explained each and every food. I admire Dorian - with what in hand, he made delicious and mouth-watering food that no one can resist. In fact, I have made a list of all the food he made in this book and it runs to pages, really! My daughter even made fun of me :-). I wanted to make buckwheat galette inspired by Dorian's cooking, but didn't get a chance to make. Also, his vegan chocolate cake reminded of my cake too. I too use Silken tofu to make vegan chocolate cake. I would share my recipe pretty soon. I also loved the tea varieties and wanted to make them. I grew up vegan-vegetarian and I am trying to become vegan. Most of our traditional recipes are vegan though our diet included yogurt, milk for pudding, and ghee. So becoming vegan is not hard but being an yogurt addict...:-) trying! This book is another inspiration for me. Anyways, back to recipes.....Zoe made the chocolate chia and coconut smoothie using fresh tender coconut and its flesh before their adventure to break inside Blue's home. My usual coconut chia smoothie is made using frozen coconut and coconut water and thought to share the recipe for the same.

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Serves 2

Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp
Chia seeds - 3 tbsp
Coconut - 1/2 cup, fresh or frozen
Coconut water - 2 cups
Banana - 1, frozen
Almonds - 12, soaked


Add all the ingredients and blend till smooth. 

Pour in glasses and serve.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for sharing. That smoothie IS perfect for the hot weather.

  2. That book sounds really fun! I need to put it on my list. Thanks for linking up with Foodies Read

  3. I've been loving smoothies/smoothie bowls with fresh coconut lately. I'll have to give this a try!