Saturday, December 19, 2020

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs #FoodnFlix

Hot cocoa is fun for everyone. There is no age limit to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Making memories in life is very important and hot cocoa is a sure thing to help make a memory. It sure brings everyone closer.  Initially, I had difficulty with the edges of the half domes. Heather of Hezzi-d's books and cooks gave a nice tip and that helped me in making beautiful peppermint hot chocolate bombs. I drizzled with peppermint candy melts finally to finish, white chocolate or milk chocolate can be used too. The mold I used are 2.5-in in size and two bombs were perfect for a full cup of hot chocolate. 

Hot chocolate bombs are in the trend now. I decided to make it for the Kids Delights - Holiday Treats. It definitely super qualifies. Every kid will love to see the bomb melting when hot milk is poured on top of it. Gives them more satisfaction and they would be enjoying the holidays making more memories for lifetime.  I love peppermint and any kid for sure would love it. My kids loved it in their younger ages and even now too. So decided to make peppermint hot chocolate bombs. I am posting this for Srivalli's Kids Delights - Holiday Treats, Blogging Marathon 119. 

A hot cup of chocolate and a movie or book is a great way to have some time for one. Just drop two bombs in hot milk for a creamy satisfying peppermint hot chocolate. This sure tastes great when made with hot water too. Prefer to go with milk if you would like a creamier version. What can be more fun than watching a chocolate bomb melt when hot milk is poured on top. Just stir and enjoy the drink as well as the holidays!

I am posting this for Food'nFlix too! Food'nFlix is a fun little group that gets together each month and watches the same movie at their leisure.  Once we watch, we create a dish that was inspired by the chosen film. Debra of Eliot's Eats is hosting this month. The movie of the month is "The Holiday". The movie released in 2006, is a dun and light movie, perfect for the holidays. It is about two women who swap their homes during holidays and find luck in finding their love. There are quite a lot of food inspirations from the movie. Though I wanted to post some other recipe, I decided to post this one too, as they have hot chocolate topped with marshmallows in the movie. What is more perfect for the holidays - perfect hot chocolate with marshmallows and a movie. Apt, right? Let all our worries melt away just like how the chocolate melts and let's hope for a great year ahead.

 If you want to participate in Food 'n Flix, Check out this month's announcement post at Eliot's Eats, and drop by the Food 'n Flix site to learn more! Thanks, Debra!

Makes about 9 

Semi-sweet chocolate - 8 oz
Hot cocoa mix - 1 recipe (recipe link here)
Peppermint candy canes - 3-4 candies (big ones), crushed
Marshmallows - a few, optional. I used Dandies.
Peppermint candy melts - 1/4 cup


Melt chocolate according to the directions in the package. Pour in the molds, Swirl and invert to remove excess chocolate. Cool in the fridge for 30 minutes to set. Carefully remove from the silicone mold.

Switch on the oven to warm and put a baking tray inside. Remove it and rub one of the semicircle molds so that the edges would become even. Add 2 tsp of hot cocoa mix, 1/2 to 3/4 tsp crushed peppermint, and 1 or 2 marshmallows. Rub another half dome to melt the edge and close the filled half dome. With the melted chocolate, the domes would glue together. Just rub in the same pan, the sealing once to ensure complete sealing of both the half domes. Set the chocolate bomb aside for 10 minutes.

Put back the tray in the oven. Then repeat the same with the remaining half domes. Arrange them on a tray. Melt the peppermint candy melts and drizzle on top of the bombs. Set aside for it to set maybe 5 - 10 minutes.

Wrap in gift bags to give as treats. Add the instruction to make in the tag.

Instruction: Add 1/2 cup hot milk to a cup with one bomb and stir. Enjoy!


Mini marshmallows would be really perfect. I couldn't get that as it was unavailable in the Dandies brand.


  1. Welcome to Food 'n Flix!!! So glad you found us and are participating. My husband has been wanting me to make these since he first heard about them. Might start a new holiday tradition with these. Be safe and well and look for the Round Up soon at Eliot's Eats.

  2. These bombs are so interesting and I bet the kids would go ha ha over them, absolutely fun food for the kids! Looks amazing too. Must try these for my grandson, who is a little too young as of now but will surely try them.

    1. Yes, They are! Please let me know how your grandson liked it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have seen these bombs all over the internet this season. Thanks for sharing your process.

    1. Yes, they are the super hit ones this year and couldn't resist myself from making and enjoying them. Thanks, Camilla!

  4. Those bombs are the bomb glad you joined us this month.