Sunday, October 25, 2020

Winter Melon Iced Tea and Milk Tea

Who doesn't love boba teas? These teas are famous in Taiwan. My kids are a great fan of those and along with them, my journey exploring the different teas began. I tried winter melon milk tea in one of the joints (I guess T4) and really liked the flavor. I wanted to try making it and hence began this post. I like this soft flavored tea, its quite different. I checked the syrup recipe from the dole website but used only brown sugar to make (as I didn't have the rock sugar on hand). I didn't add any water while making the syrup (checked this link, but used 2 cups of sugar). I made the syrup a couple of times and hence wanted to stick with 2 cups sugar, as I was able to get the taste similar to the one from the boba shop.

The tea can be made in a couple of ways. The syrup can be diluted in a 1:3 ratio with ice water and poured over ice for the winter melon iced tea. This version is very much similar in taste to our traditional panagam drink with a hint of winter melon (minus the spices). Adding any flavored tea is always optional. You can steep oolong or jasmine tea and add to the syrup for a tea flavored with winter melon. Also, can add a little evaporated milk on top to make the milk tea. Bobas are optional and should be added first to the serving glass, followed by the tea. Try this tea and you won't be disappointed that a yummy tea can be made with the vegetable that is more often used in many stews and curries.

I am posting this recipe for the Must-Try International Recipe- Blogging Marathon #117.


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For the syrup

Winter melon - 5 cups, diced small

Brown sugar - 2 cups


In a saucepot, add the melon and brown sugar. Keep covered for 1 to 1.5 hours. Water will ooze out and you can see dark color liquid in the pot. heat the mix, when it starts to boil, lower the flame to low and simmer covered till they become transparent. It may take about 2 hrs. for the winter melon to cook transparent with the sugar flavor completely melded. Switch off the flame.

Filter and try to squeeze the mix to take out the maximum syrup. 

Store in refrigerator until use. It would stay good for a few days. This recipe yields about a cup of syrup.

For the iced tea

Ice - 3/4 cup
Boba (optional)
Syrup - 1/4 cup
Ice water - 3/4 cup

For the milk tea:

Oolong tea - 1 tsp

Water - 2/3 cup

Ice - 3/4 to 1 cup

Winter melon syrup

Evaporated milk - 2-4 tbsp.


Iced tea:

In a tall glass, add boba pearls if wanted, followed by ice. In a cup add winter melon syrup and ice water. Pour this onto the cup with ice. Iced tea is ready to be served. If preferred steep a bag of tea for 5 minutes, mix with syrup, and add to the ice. Serve immediately.

Milk tea:

Now for making the winter melon milk tea, steep oolong tea (1 tsp per serving in 2/3 cup water) for about 5 minutes. Filter and add it to a martini shaker with 1/4 cup ice. Add 1/4 cup syrup (you can adjust the amount of this to control sugar and flavor of the tea). Shake well.

 In a tall glass, add boba if you prefer. Add 1/2 cup ice. Add the tea mix from the shaker. Top with a couple of tbsp. of evaporated milk. Serve immediately.


If you are adding boba stored in sugar syrup, add accordingly as this may make a sweeter drink. If you want to control the sweetness of the drink, choose appropriate amounts of syrup and boba.


  1. Wow both iced tea and milk tea sounds so good!..very nicely prepared and presented! My kids love the iced coffee, yet to try with tea, this gives me a good option to do.

    1. Thanks Srivalli. Try it, definitely you will love it.

  2. Wow! the winter melon syrup is such a neat idea. But looking at the sugar content I am scared to try it as I know it would be addictive :)

    1. Thanks Harini. Yes, always syrups, just like rose milk syrup have more sugar. Thats why I tried using brown sugar. Also you can adjust on the quantities of syrup, as well as boba (since it is also stored in sugar syrup) to have optimal sugar content. That's what I do.

  3. I always love iced tea, it is so refreshing, especially ones with the boba. I have always wondered how they infuse the fruit flavor and you have explained it really well...

  4. I haven't come across watermelon iced tea before. The idea is both intriguing and interesting to me. :)

  5. love the name! sounds so interesting..

  6. Love boba tea and this winter melon tea is totally new to me. But hey why not? Love this idea. It's very inviting. Will definitely try.