Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Spinach and Red Pepper Grilled Cheese

Mrs. A's organic spinach was used to make this scrumptious and satisfying grilled cheese. These delicious grilled cheese sandwiches are so easy to prepare. It also provides avenues for adding some fresh veggies into it and thereby making it even more interesting and nutritious. There is a load of nutrition when you cooking with fresh veggies, and why to say no it when it is possible. I found a red bell pepper and some cheddar cheese in my refrigerator, which I paired up with her spinach to make this wonderful cheesilicious meal. Thanks again to Mrs. A for sharing us some fresh spinach. This can be made in a jiffy. After a long day, simple and tasty grilled cheese with veggies can bring smile in everyone's face. It's a comfort meal that can be made under 30 minutes for the whole family.


Makes 4 Sandwiches

Cheddar cheese - 12 slices
Onion -a few julienne slices
Red pepper strips
Chilli flakes (optional)
Spinach leaves - a few
Sourdough bread - 8 slices


Heat a cast-iron pan on a medium flame. Butter one side of each bread slice. Place one of the buttered side on the pan. Cut one slice of cheddar cheese into two and place it on it. Layer with spinach, red pepper, and onion. Divide two slices of cheddar cheese on top and sprinkle with chilli flakes.

Top with another bread slice with the buttered side facing up. Once it is cooked, flip and continue to cook for a couple of minutes till it browns and crisps. You can see the cheese melting.

Enjoy your cheesilicious spinach and red pepper grilled cheese.

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