Monday, June 29, 2015

Sago Vadam Chaat

Chaats are always mouth-watering snacks. Chaats are so full of flavor that your taste buds start to do the tango. My kids love pani puri (for that matter who doesn't) and sev puri. Many times, I have used the sago vadam, as I ran out of those cute little puris. Just fry the sago vadams, add the toppings as you like, and eat. This is a version of sev puri, in which the vadam replaces the puri. Quite yummy that I have to have enough of those vadams fried. These also make a wonderful after school snack and weekend snack. 

These vadams are flat when they are in the sun-dried form. But when you fry they attain the shape of cute little cups which makes it perfect for chaat. There are no specified quantities given below for the ingredients, as you can add as much as you wish and enjoy your snack. It just takes a few minutes of your time to make this mouth watering chaat provided you have the chutneys ready in hand.


Sago vadam - deep fried
Potatoes - boiled and diced
Black channa or regular garbanzo beans - boiled
Onions - diced
Tomatoes - diced
Cilantro - finely chopped
Sev - as required
Sweet chutney - as needed
Green chutney - as needed


To the fried sago vadams, add the boiled potatoes, channa, onion, tomato as you wish. 

Next, add the sweet chutney and green chutney. Again, if you want to add only one chutney or both, feel free to satisfy your taste and use accordingly. 

Top with some sev, garnish with cilantro and serve immediately. 


Have the chutneys a little thick, so the vadams do not soak up immediately.

Serve immediately as they will become soggy.

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