Monday, June 9, 2014

Back from Vacation and a Special Menu

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Ooty to beat the heat. Cool enjoyable memorable....can add lots of words. Enjoyed the fresh grown vegetables and fruits there. At the last minute my husband suggested we go to the market and bag some of nature's fresh produce and it was really fun. Now I am back here in Chennai and it is like thrown straight into a frying pan. Scorching sun taking the toll and makes me think why did I come back from the cool place. Anyways the veggies and fruits that we got in Ooty keep me going to the kitchen to make some delicacies out of it. As soon as we came back I made a special meal for us. Wherever we go for vacation, after we are back, I usually make vathal kuzhambu (a traditional spicy tangy sambhar like gravy minus the dhal). We always enjoy that comeback meal. It is really comforting for us since it gives a kickback to our taste buds after eating a lot outside.

We got many vegetables - from carrots to varieties of beans and potatoes. Also got rambutans, Ooty special plums, avocado, mangosteens.

I chose to make zucchini thogayal (a chutney), baby radish vathal kuzhambu (would update the recipe for these two soon), tomato rasam, potato curry, and curd.

Homemade with special ingredients is always a treat and I would soon update with some special delicacies prepared specially with produce from our vacation soon. Keep checking! and thanks.

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