Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mango Lassi

Mango lassi is the delicious, creamy, satisfying yogurt smoothie that is traditionally prepared using fresh mangoes and yogurt. This mango lassi is the best one for the summer heat using the season's fresh mangoes. This recipe uses fresh mangoes and it gets ready within 10-15 minutes. It is perfect for any day as well as parties.

Mango lassi is purely addictive and is a divine blessing during hot summer days. It is a summer fruit. When the heat shoots up, it is great to make this chilled mango lassi with freshest mangoes of the season. This is a no cook recipe. This drink is filling and hence comes to the rescue when you don't want to cook in summer. It is PERFECT

Mango lassi is very easy to prepare. The only time taken is to peel and cut the fruit. Blending takes a couple of minutes and this delicious, creamy drink is all ready for the family to enjoy. Plus, it is loved by all age groups and hence can be a great addition to any party menu.

Mango lassi can be prepared in a few ways but this recipe uses fresh mangoes. The lassi has a great flavor because of the fresh mangoes used. The fresh fruit ripe in the season has amazing taste and every time when you use the fresh ones, the fruit has enough sugar to sweeten the lassi. The color of the lassi can vary depending on the mango varietu used. I love Himam pasand, Banganapalli, and Jawwad variety. Alphonso is a great choice. Any variety of mango will make a delicious lassi even if there is a variation in color. I use Ataulfo, Maratho, Kent, or Hayden varieties that I can get here. If we are lucky, some years, we will get Banganapalli, Rasalu varieties in Indian groceries. Sugar can be added in minimum quantities.  I always use homemade yogurt. Feel free to use what you have. All you need is three ingredients - mangoes, chilled yogurt, and sugar.

Many of you would definitely agree with me - we all know we wait for the summer vacation and eat all juicy mangoes. When we go back to school, we yearn and wait for the next vacation. now we simple can feel great about those years. Probably the best years of our life and the best mangoes we ate. In addition to eating the fruit as such, when it is made into lassi, it makes a more special satisfying drink or meal. Just like this lassi, the Mango Icecream, Mango Kulfi,  and Vegan Mango Cake are made with fresh fruit and have amazing flavor. Falooda is another dessert that many of us love and mango falooda will be ranking high. Try this Mango Falooda Monster Milkshake made with fresh mangoes and treats made with fresh mangoes. No wonder this is the King of all fruits.

Makes 4 servings

Mango - 2.5 cups
Yogurt - 1.5 cups, chilled
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Ice cubes - optional


Add everything to the blender and blend to a smooth puree. 

Serve immediately or store in refrigerator for a few hours until serving time.


  1. Oh my I love this one Radha..always love to make this during the season..and nothing beats the taste!

    1. Yes, our family favorite. This is always made with fresh mangoes during the season.