Monday, March 3, 2014

Sprouted Horsegram Idlies

Sprouted legumes are very healthy since our body can easily assimilate the nutrients from them. This reddish brown legume is tasty and provides vitamin B, iron, protein and fiber. So regular intake of this legume is highly beneficial for people of all ages. Also, horsegram is excellent choice for people who would like to lose a few pounds.

I usually make kollu or horsegram idli atleast once a month. This time, I used the sprouted ones to make idlies. The ratio of rice to horsegram is same (1:3) as in regular idli's  rice to whole urad dhal. Sprouted horsegram idlies were very very tasty. Simple, nutritious yet very flavorful. I always make red chilli chutney whenever I make horsegram idli or dosa and so today too, we had the sprouted horsegram idlies with the same chutney. Dosas also come out pretty great with the same batter.


Sprouted Horsegram - 3/4cup
Fenugreek - 1 tsp
Idli rice - 21/4 cups


Soak rice and the sprouted horsegram (this way it is much easier to grind the horsegram) for 4 hrs.
This is how it looks:

Grind, add salt, ferment overnight. Pour this batter on to the idli mould pans and steam for 5 min.

 Delicious and nutritious sprouted horsegram idlies are ready for breakfast (or anytime too).

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