Friday, February 28, 2014

Healthy "GO GREEN" Chapathis

I named my chapathi "GO GREEN", since its going to make us more healthy individuals like how "going green" helps our Earth. Yes! they are loaded with simple greens that are used almost everyday in every home. Curry leaves, cilantro and mint are the special trio that I used in my chapathis for a simple dinner. They are quite essential in everyday cooking without which we could lose aroma of the food cooked. Imagine all the goodness of these trio.....

  • Cilantro is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and folates, calcium and potassium
  • Curry leaves are packed with iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins A, B, C and E
  • Mint is a good source of calcium, phosphorous, vitamins C, D and E
In addition to these, they also have other nutrients which are more beneficial to us. When all these simple everyday used greens are packed in one simple roti, what more can one ask for. They also don't need long preparation, just can be whipped up in few minutes to make tasty chapathis out of it. One could simply add all the chopped leaves and make chapathis, but curry leaves sometimes tend to fall out. When you grind and add, it gives a green color (interesting and healthy for kids) and it is easier to roll.  Also you have the advantage of sneaking nutrients if you have a picky eater who doesn't like to see the leaves as such. The end result was a tasty nutritious roti. Since mint is powerful than the other two, the flavor of it was a little more savored.


Whole wheat flour - 2 cups
Cilantro - 1/4 cup
Mint leaves - 1/4 cup
Curry leaves - 1/4 cup
Green chilli - 1
Water to knead - 1 cup
Oil or ghee (optional)


Grind the greens with a little water. To the whole wheat flour add the ground mixture, salt and mix. Add water little by little and knead to make a smooth and soft ball of dough.

Make lemon sized balls and roll out to approximately 7 in. diameter rounds. Heat a pan, and when it is hot enough, cook the chapathi on one side, flip and then cook. You can puff it up on a flame just like phulkas. Smear a little ghee or oil, if you wish. Even without it, the chapathis would be soft and tasty. It can be eaten with a little yogurt, pickle or any curry. This measurement makes 8 chapathis.

Notes: In this you can add methi and spinach too (I didn't have any at that time). Also could make green and nutritious chapathis with any one of these greens too.

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