Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Pongal!

Happy Pongal to all of you!

Iam starting to post in my blog today, today being a special day Pongal festival - our THANKSGIVING - aka Makarasankaranti! We make Pongal- both sweet and venn (savory) pongal, a side dish with all the fresh harvest vegetables, then offer it to Sun god and thank each and everybody who help us grow crops and harvest them including the farm animals. When I grew up, I have seen this couple of times, celebrated in a grand manner in my grandpa's home, where all the people working in the agricultural field come and have a great feast and they are also given presents on this day. The farm animals would also be decorated with color paints on their horns and flowers tied on their neck for their special day. Now, living in cities, we celebrate by decorating our entrances with grand traditional kolams and rangoli, cooking pongal, harvest vegetable stew, and sugarcane (I love this sweet, juicy fruit). Here is the our traditional kolam called Manai kolam:

Once again Happy Pongal and please eat lots of juicy yummy sugarcane!